The Denial of The Holy Spirit

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The following text is a copy of an email sent to all full members of the Iona Community in January 2004. Please use the hypertext links in the individual sections. This gives access to the text of the letters of Witness relating to each of the three denials of The Holy Spirit.


To :         Members of The Iona Community.

Copy to : Ruth Harvey, Editor of Coracle,The Community Magazine.

From :     Ian McLean, (one time) Associate Member of The Iona Community


Subject: The Threefold Denial of The Holy Spirit by The Iona Community



Preface . A Witness is not the vessel thereof nor the content, but (the) Spirit therein. As such it is Truth and cannot therefore be refuted as distinct from denied. This accounts for the apparent indifference of silence as the response to the Witness placed before the Community during 2003. No detail in any of the letters of Witness has been specifically refuted by any recipient or member of The Community.


Witness does not use The Iona Community's website bulletin board for three reasons. Firstly by definition, Witness stands outwith itself. The board does not reflect community as the requirement for a password excludes the community at large. Finally there is too much detail in the Witness to be posted as a contribution to a bulletin board.

The opportunity for reply in public and private has been available without a password throughout the period of Witness on the message board of this site. Please see "Let The People Speak"



This email Witness gives a summary of the three denials of The Holy Spirit . As previously the full detail of the present Witness is posted on the internet as Current Issues Nos. 1 and 8 (new) of the above website. The front page of Issue No8 is a copy of this email which has hypertext links to the detailed Witness placed before the folks involved. It is now placed before The Community . The Wind of Change web site is used as a location for the broadcast of the Witness to the community at large. There is no promotion of   the vessel of Witness, neither are any of the services described in other sections of the site for sale. The Witness is concerned solely with the Spirit of The Iona Community as one amongst others in Scotland.


The denials of The Holy Spirit involve our leader Kathy Galloway ; Coracle as the Community's mouthpiece ; and now a member and associate members. The latter when they represented the Community to the public and to other members or associates in the event known as "Walking the Labyrinth" described in the February 03 issue of Coracle.   Further details are given below.


There is a spiritual cancer in the heart of The Iona Community which unlike it's biological counterpart is also contagious. This dis-ease will continue to grow, but that is no concern of the vessel of Witness. The Witness is now complete insofar as no further examples will be cited - there is no need of them. Updates on The Wind of Change web site will be posted from time to time. They will not apparently be concerned with The Iona Community - for the moment.


The Leadership's Denial

Our leader Kathy Galloway published her own orientation to The Holy Spirit in a Coracle interview shortly after her appointment. This is that "spirit (small "s") "will orientate in the direction of our hopes and main concerns". This is to have The Holy Spirit follow in Saul's wake upon his road to Damascus. Only after his dramatic leading by The Holy Spirit in his blindness was his name changed to Paul in recognition of the Creation / Blessing of his ministry.


Kathy's response has been the silence of apparent indifference. Were the Witness false it could be refuted in one sentence. Kathy's denial is a denial of her true self. Until and unless our leader's published denial of The Holy Spirit is specifically and publicly withdrawn it remains extant. This is not a demand or threat, it is a statement of Spiritual fact.

                                                                                                                      Please see the first letter to Kathy in Current Isssue No.1 for details.


The Ongoing Public Denial within Coracle, the Community's Mouthpiece.


The first example of published denial relates to the article "Walking The Labyrinth" in the Feb.03 edition of Coracle. This article by a community member describes her (?) use of a psychological tool perceived and promoted by the intellect as a " spiritual tool "

(small "s"). The Holy Spirit is not; and can never be a tool in the hand of any human being. This denial is to (mis)use The Christ -- as a tool. The falsehood lies in the very phrase "spiritual tool". The editor has not been advised of this Witness.

The second example of published denial is seen in the work entitled "Fractured Beatitudes" on page 26 of the December 03 edition. This prose work implies in the form of a statement that the first Beatitude describes those of us with a sense of low self worth as inheritors of The Kingdom of Heaven. We need only look at the last Beatitude for confirmation that such personal self judgement cannot be consistent with the characteristics of the other community to inherit The Kingdom of Heaven, namely those persecuted for righteousness sake. The first Beatitude   refers to those of us who are not self spirited and thus await the guidance of The Holy Spirit. The editor declined to address the issue of whether the author of the work was in error regarding this significant Biblical text. He received a copy of this Witness forwarded from the editor and has remained silent in his falsehood. The readership are thus Spiritually misled. Details of the Witness can be seen on The Wind of Change website.

                                                                                                                                                                   Please click here for details 

Denial by a Community Member and Associate Members .


This denial relates to the involvement of three of our members / associates in the staging on two occasions of the event "Walking The Labyrinth" mentioned above. Firstly with the participation and thus spiritual involvement of a group of Edinburgh Associates in November 03 and then again on Hogmanay with the reported precedent of "400+" members of the public. I assume that both of these events took place as advertised, and that both were in churches. This assumption arises from the response of silence to the Witness from the three members / associates of our Community. The Witness was dispatched approximately three weeks before the date of the first event . This is not only a denial of The Holy Spirit within The Iona Community membership, it is also a denial in public and is thus a progression from the published denial. Details are set out on The Wind of Change website.

                                                                                                                                                                    Please click here for details.


Lest Peace Break Out.


The publication of the listings of members' email and postal addresses raises a democratic issue. As members we are each holders of the list which is published within the Community. We have also had the opportunity to exclude our individual details. The spirit of such publication is surely as an aid to the democratic right of free speech. Whether between a member and one other, or two hundred others the principal remains unaltered and irrefutable in community. In these circumstances we (should) have no concern with the Data Protection Act. Whilst this may be disruptive to the more usual communication process this is not a concern of the vessel of Witness as far greater disruption is to follow. Apologies to the five members who previously requested no further emails. Names were not retained.


The threat of war can be un-nerving, so can the perceived threat -- of Peace. Amen ( The Lord's Will Be )


In Conclusion

What follows is the entry for 23rd December from "God Calling", a devotional diary edited by J.A. Russell. The Biblical

references thereafter have been added.

The World's Song


Bless us, O Lord, we beseech Thee and show us the way in which Thou wouldst have us walk.


Walk with Me in the way of Peace. Shed Peace, not discord, wherever you go. But it must be My Peace. Never a peace which is a truce with the power of evil. Never a harmony if that means our life music being adapted to the mood and music of the world.

My disciples so often make the mistake of thinking that all must be harmonious. No! Not when it means singing the song of the world.


I, the Prince of Peace, said that I came "not to bring Peace, but   a sword."



                                                                                                                                                   Please see also: John 12. 47-50 incl.

                                                                                                                                                                                 Mathew 13. 29&30





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