Global Ecumenism as Cosmos

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Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star ------


The Christian church temporal strives towards its perception of (Christian) ecumenism. This would be a coming together of all denominations east and west in Unity -- or unification?


The former is Spiritual, the latter political. Amen.


Thus in such temporal endeavours we are not only concerned (anxious) with , but involved in the unholy marriage of the religion of politics to the politics of of religion. This politic has spiritual (small "s") objectives which are not therefore of The Holy Spirit. Spirit as Unity cannot have objectives as it knows only its Self. Hence, objectives are dichotomous in nature and may thus be subject to the influence of powers and principalities. One such global principality is the proposed Federation* of   Europe.


The Disciples were sent out on a global, and thus Cosmic mission-"go ye into all the world". Modern day Christianity sought to complete this mission for the most part in good faith. However by its very nature through time, the church temporal projects the will of man (the human being) and inevitably but perhaps unknowingly becomes apostate as it projects corporate individualism. It therefore fails to discern The Christ in other global faiths as The All in All - AS SPIRIT!


The Christ is revealed in and to other global faiths by the discernment of and by Common Unity AS Spirit. Amen. Not by the imposition however well meant of western church dogma which is, by definition, temporal in its conception (both senses). Dogma will always "corrupt" a nation in like manner to an individual at a mass evangelical rally. It does not however convert the national / racial memory; culture or the endogenous religious dogma of the host nation. The host has all too often been perceived as the guest nation permitted entry into the one and only true religion of the west. There is no such thing as a true religion. The phrase is self contradictory as the practise of all religion # is of man and is thus apostate. The Way; as "taught" by   Jesus The Christ is the one global   FAITH, Who (which) is written in the Heart of every human being on earth. This is not to say by any means that we are all Children of God irrespective of which religion we have experienced.


It is only as and through The Cosmic Christ that global ecumenism, as The God ordained practise of The Way -- that the one Heart of all peoples (the human species as Cosmic Being) will be united under God. Amen. Only the Heart is free of the politic of "man". Thus women, and especially children will be the teachers of "man" not upon his route march unto the death of our species, but upon The Way.


The Cosmic Christ is The Child of Light as stood before Pilate as The Silence of The Lamb as in the first sentence of Psalm 46.10.   No more need be said. Amen.



Still the night, Holy the (K)night -

Sleeps the world, hid from (human) sight.






*verb and noun usage.  


  # religious practise is separate from dogma insofar as no human in the intellect, can discern the thoughts of the Heart of another.



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