The Individual and Collective Human Predicament

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Whom Say You that I am?

Worship of the god of individualism is anathema to the God given Gift of The Individuality of The Soul. This apostasy is the author of worship of the god of "self", the origin of humanity's present predicament -- as a dis-ease of The Soul. The body is the servant of The Soul, not the other way round. Amen

Personal individualism working through the corporate body and state contributes to cultural, racial, religious and national individualism. Ultimately this identification with "self" to the exclusion "other" leads to the exclusion of Jesus The Christ in society; the religion of "man"; politics; and the state. Thus humanity alone is perceived as the all in all. This flawed perception in turn recognises the power of evil as the creator of the self. It is this power which (who) attempted to build The Tower of Babel in historic times, and which arises again in these present days.

Only the sovereignty of the people, as The Christ manifest through the people can address this global predicament. Therefore the "moment" has come and awaits the man and woman thereof to prepare The Bride for the Second Coming of The Groom. Amen.

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