The Identification and Building of The Church Spiritual in Alba in These Times

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An address

          Mediated through the flesh, given on 26/10/04 to The Trident Ploughshares* Iona Affinity Group

(Meeting in Edinburgh, Scotland)



The   Identification and Building of The Church Spiritual -

in Alba in These Times .



Preface: This is a summary of an address given to The Trident Ploughshares* Iona Affinity Group on 26/10/04. The group gave their consent to the inclusion of this preface. Please note that this consent should in no way be taken to imply that any or all of the content of the address is necessarily accepted or rejected by the group. The speaker adds his thanks for such consent. Amen.


(nb. The text in red throughout was not included in the address. The audience was advised of these additions before publication on this website.)



Introduction : The speaker indicated that the address was to be given in the Spirit of the first sentence of Psalm 46.10. There was therefore a pause at this moment.   In Jesus Name, and therefore in the Gift of Grace alone a prayer was offered up on behalf of all present asking for the gift of The Lord's discernment. The speaker affirmed his helplessness before The Lord and requested the prayers of the audience during the address, either in silence or aloud. It was stated that the address would be controversial, possibly even contentious as it came from "outside the city walls" of Hebrews 12. 12/13 to which we are called. There would also be ambiguity as a paradigm shift was involved. The view was expressed that ambiguity could be potentially productive. The address was stated to be a boast - in The Lord. Amen.


The speaker indicated that the Soul was addressed in addition to the intellect. The title of the address was then given and the speaker asked the question "what is the Church Spiritual?".   As The Infinity of Spirit cannot ultimately be defined by the finite intellect it was stated that Truth speaks for it's Self if, as and when the Soul is not only ready to listen, but to hear.


The title was placed in the context of Einstein's statement that an apparently insolvable problem cannot be resolved by the same order and level of thinking as caused the problem in the first place. The problem being the growing Spiritual predicament of the human species and consequently, the planet. Resolution is not found in De Bono's lateral thinking or other intellectual mechanism - as that is still thinking! The necessary paradigm shift being from head to heart, which is to say The Holy Spirit in place of intellect, and the Heart in place of ego, the latter defined as all thought outwith The Mind of God. Amen.


Summary of Key Content / Points .


  • The definition of Church Spiritual: what it is, and what it is not.
  • Three Biblical texts given in no stated context, . Romans 10. 16-21incl;   Isaiah 43. 18-21 incl:   Luke 9.46-50 incl.
  • "En Punto". Meaning being summoned by The Lord to go to a certain place at a certain time (exactly) and either await His command or do as previously commanded. This in spite of the seeming impossibility of it all, right up until the last moment.
  • The Sons of Zadok - the priestly lineage appointed to succeed the line of the Eli priesthood in Biblical times. The Eli "system" in all denominations of the church temporal today.
  • The contemporaries of St. Columba of Iona (Scotland) and the historical Pictish Church in Alba in Columba's day.
  • History, and our present times: The increasing rate of cumulative dis-integration in society, state, and church temporal.
  • Speaker's personal statement on these present times.
  • Required: Prayer for God's action - not God's reaction!
  • A prayer for The Church Spiritual.
  • Summary, and specific relevance of address for this first audience.
  • Second (prophetic) summary using the medium of two works of Muse entitled "The Wind of Change" and "The Warrior's Sword".
  • Questions: One question was asked, and answered.
  • Mutual thanks were expressed.
  • Handouts were available giving personal Witness to "En Punto";   "The Sons of Zadok", and The Wind of Change community building enterprise of The Lord's Heart. The latter is discerned on this website by the individual Soul according to The Lord's Will. Amen.



Prior to the address, the vessel thereof affirmed The Holy Ground upon Whom he stands as follows :-


  1. In Jesus Name, and therefore in The Gift of Grace alone as Witness, no cognisance is given to a battle.
  2. Jesus Christ was acknowledged as the speaker's personal Saviour; as Cosmic Christ; and as The All in All. This was confirmed not to refer to pantheism.
  3. The purpose of earthly life was stated to be to "find God"as described in 1 Corinthians 2.16. The question was put however "what is the Mind of Christ?". It was stated that as Truth, The Mind of Christ is not the "mind" of the spiritualist.
  4. The speaker stated that he experienced The Divine Feminine as Biblical Wisdom, Who is inclusive of The Father and The Son in all His fullness
  5. The speaker had been an Elder in The Church (temporal) of Scotland for about eight years. He resigned around 2000 as the Eldership chose not to affirm that "we come in Jesus Name" whilst going round the doors in parish outreach at Christmas.

The Address


1. Aspects of The Church Spiritual


Definition: Please refer to the second sentence of the second paragraph of the Introduction above. As The Church Spiritual is not an "it", there is no definition which can satisfy or be in any way meaningful to the intellect. "It" is an experience of The Soul. (cf. Navigation bar on this site -   The Common-unity of One).

What it is not : (a)The Eli system which is almost all pervasive in the church temporal today. Temporal being defined as of religion, and therefore of "man", as distinct from The Way as taught by Jesus The Christ. Amen. (b) The "mother or father" church; feminism; of Mary the mortal mother of   Jesus; or of "mother earth".

What, or rather Who it is : (a) The sovereignty of the people individually and collectively as The Christ within. Which is not only to say, but to manifest "as above so below, as within so without". This is humanity, as distinct from "man" experienced as the microcosm of the macrocosm as expressed by the two symbolic triangles of The Star of David. It is The Communion of Saints - of the first fruits.   The term saint having nothing to do with the temporal mechanism of canonisation.

(b) The Way, as taught by Jesus The Christ, not which, but Who is the expression of universal, that is global faith , as distinct from the term religion. He is to be found as Mystic within.

  © Inclusive of Ruach as Divine Wisdom or Mystic, . References: Proverbs chapters 1-4, and 8; Ecclesiastes; The Song of Songs; the Pauline texts; Revelation chapter 12 as "the woman who gives birth to the manchild" as the church.. Compare John 1:1-5 with Proverbs 8:22-31.


2 . The reading of three Biblical texts . Please refer back to the entire text of bullet point the "Summary of Content and Key Points". The speaker indicated that the last sentence of the last reading bore repeating, and did so. He also stated that the corollary of this sentence was equally significant ie. That those who are not for us are against us.". This was also repeated. The speaker indicated that his intention was not to add to Scripture.

3 . "En Punto ", a Spanish term as described under Key Points. Before speaking on this topic the audience was asked for it's understanding of the reasons for the visit of some of The Dalai Lama's monks to the island and abbey of Iona during their leader's formal visit to Scotland in June 2004. The reply was "because it is a Spiritual place".   The speaker Witnessed to ( one ) "En Punto" experience which is fully described as Current Issue No. 9 on this website. A hardcopy text summarising this Witness was offered as a handout after the address.

4 . The Sons of Zadok the priest appointed to replace the apostate lineage of the priesthood of Eli. The speaker outlined an experience during an informal weekly discussion group in which a minister of the church temporal had expressed the opinion that Melchizedek was "one of many minor kings in that region in Biblical times". At the time The Holy Spirit took the minister to task.


The following week, quite out of the blue the minister produced a hymnary with which he had been presented at his ordination as a minister and after reading the citation therein he placed the hymnary upon the table around which the group were seated. He then addressed the vessel of Witness from the previous week saying "Well X --   Melchizedek! - the floor is yours". It took but a few seconds for the Soul to Realise, which is to say to make Real, the Blessing of a simultaneous "En Punto" and Witness of the order of Zadok who was (and therefore is) in his time of the order of Melchizedek.


It was stated amongst other points which cannot be remembered that we were speaking of The (not a) Kingship and Priesthood which (Who)   has "no beginning and no end" and "no father or mother". We therefore bear Witness to The Christ within as Holy Spirit, and thus to both   Spiritual Kingship and Priesthood. Amen. It was also stressed with reference to Moses meeting with Melchizedek that the greater always Blesses the lesser, and that Moses was a King in all but name. The minister looked the vessel of Witness directly in the eye (Soul) and not so much spoke as pronounced the letters."Q.E.D." The Witness stated that he had heard of these classic letters but did not know what they meant. The reply from the minister was "That which required to be proven". There was a profound silence for several moments after which the conversation moved on to a totally different topic. Such moments however as part of the nature of their Witness ---   never end. Amen.


5. The Contemporaries of   St. Columba of Iona, and The Pictish Church in Alba

The link with the previous heading was stated to be that of nationhood and the sovereignty of the people. Columba as a Scot originating from the Irish Dalriada. He was therefore primarily concerned with the Spiritual and political welfare of his own people in the Scottish Dalriada , (modern Argyll) which ultimately became independent from Ireland. Well before Columba's time the remainder of "Scot"land, correctly identified as the Alba of the Pictish Nation had been converted to Christianity by   St.Ninian and his followers out of his original muinnter (a Spiritual community ultimately integrated with the local people) at Candida Casa in Wigtownshire. Columba thus had many contemporaries in his own time after whom many churches throughout Alba were named. The only communities founded by Columba were Iona and a smaller one at Drymen in Stirlingshire. The visit of Columba to Brude, the Pictish King was concerned with the interests of the Scottish Dalriada. As Christians of long standing, the Picts were also represented at this meeting. The Scotic church as founded by Columba existed for about one hundred and fifty years. Its death knell was sounded at The Synnod of Whitby around 640. The abbot at the time of the death of Columba's church as founded by Columba was Adamnan. The Pictish Christian church persisted locally right up to the eighth century in St.Andrews and as late as the thirteenth century in the far north of Scotland.


6. History and our Present Times.   The Scottish "Magna Carta", our Declaration of Arbroath (1320) as the definitive affirmation of our Scottish constitution states a most important fact. This is, that the people retain the right of sovereignty giving us the inalieinable right to set aside any unrighteous Monarch. It was confirmed that Dalriada had never been conquered by the Roman military invasion; the Vikings (raided, yes) ,Normans or Germans (no offence). The Heart of Scotland with the seat of British Monarchy on the rock of Dunnad therefore has been free for all time. The Scottish and Pictish nations were united under Kenneth MacAlpine. However the people and the two differing churches were only united by a gradual process of "absorption" over several centuries. Before MacAlpine's time the Church Spiritual of Columba had become the church temporal of the Eli system now almost all pervasive in our time throughout all denominations of the Christian Church temporal. Thus under MacAlpine was the dis-united Kingdom of our present UK (?) established. Dis-united that is, from God. Amen. From MacAlpine, British   Monarchy came down through James the sixth of Scotland and simultaneous first of   England to the present day.


In our present times we witness the increasing rate of cumulative dis-integration of society; the state inclusive of temporal monarchy; and the church temporal. This is a manifestation of humanity's Spiritual dis-ease which therefore also affects global ecology. As a global Spiritual dilemma it is therefore also of Cosmic significance. This brought the address back to the context of Einstein's statement as outlined in the third paragraph of the introduction in which it is confirmed that an apparently insolvable problem cannot be resolved by the same order and level of thinking as caused the problem. The problem being the imminent extinction of the human species, but for the Hand of God.


It was stressed that in any situation especially political , where all reasoned and reasonable submissions seem only to dig the hole deeper (not by one's own hand) then there we are set before not man, but Principalities and Powers. Amen. This inevitably relates to the The Second Coming of Jesus The Christ as the Groom to join with His Bride , The Global Church Spiritual. Amen.


7. Personal Statement on our times. The Second Coming of The Christ is neither a time of waiting for the Lord to "fix it", nor a time to be seen to be busy for The Lord. It is a time in the Gift of Grace of Faith to contemplate Hebrews 12:v12and 13. In which it is confirmed that The Christ within serves on The Cross which is outwith the city walls. This is the place of aloneness (as distinct from being alone), of pain physical and mental, of ambiguity and scorn, and certainly of being outside our personal "comfort zone" both physically and psychology. It has little to do with theology , Christology; psychology or anthropology which are all ultimately mostly of the intellect and thus of the Biblical fall.


8. Required: Prayer for God's action - not God's re-action. During special events like the opening sessions of The Scottish Parliament or The Edinburgh Festival some groups pray in a political and social context twenty four hours a day for five consecutive days. The speaker asked whether this should be taken as a sign of abundant faith, or as a wake up call to God? When these, or any prayers call upon The Lord to return within the city walls, back into the apostate Eli system to "banish the enemy", they remain un-answered. Why? This calls for The Lord to depart from His Holy Ground outside the city walls -- The walls of our own perceptive prison; cross and comfort zone. God, by nature cannot thus depart. It is He Who calls us to join Him outside the city walls. To come to the place of aloneness, scorn and Divine Joy, whilst working out our own Salvation in His Divine Cause. Amen.


What / Who then should we pray for? Surely that which was most "outside the box" in New Testament times, certainly controversial and contentious for some   -- The Second Coming of The Christ - not as conqueror but as The Divine Groom to wed His Church Spiritual as Holy Wisdom. Let us pray then for a resurrection where we have been planted. That is ---   the Identification and Building of The Church Spiritual of the seventh century here in Scotland, and a Spiritual Monarchy as part thereof, and thus blossom as a nation in honour of The Lord Most High. Amen. (Please see Current Issue No.9 on this site.)


9. A Prayer for The Church Spiritual   The speaker indicated that he would pray using the expression "I pray" as distinct from "We pray". It was confirmed that this would be done so as neither to include or necessarily exclude anyone from ( the Spirit of ) the prayer.


"Lord Jesus Christ, in Thy Name I pray. I acknowledge and accept before Thee here and now my total helplessness. I acknowledge my need for Thy Second Coming; for the resurrection of Thy Global Church Spiritual, and for Thy Global Spiritual Monarchy ( as in the second sentence of Psalm 46.10 ). I also acknowledge my need to serve therein and thus ask for Thy help and enablement in all things concerning Thy Will. I give Thee thanks. Amen"

10. Summary   (included in the address)


•  Changes in Society Two members of the audience known to the speaker were asked if they recalled being advised some two years previously that certain changes in society would have to come about before the cause for which The Group strives namely the closure of the nuclear submarine base at Faslane in Scotland could / will be   -- not achieved -- but fulfilled. The changes referred to at that time were those described in this address both Spiritual and therefore (apparently) also temporal. It was further stated that The Church Spiritual would be accepted by some and rejected by others. The rejection was inevitable and had already started. As far as the building of The Church Spiritual is concerned is was confirmed that this will take place one step at a time. The prayer offered up during the address was one such step.

•  Intellectual Summary : The paradigm shifts described in the address are firstly Spiritual and therefore also temporal. The Spiritual change by definition, is neither theological, psychological or anthropological irrespective of how the intellect may attempt to perceive "it". Therein is the self limitation of the (finite) intellect. It is the Spiritual experience of apparent change from The Father God as patriarch, which He is NOT in earthly terms, to the inclusive Father / Mother God Who IS   (as)   I AM, and thus has always been. The only change is in the developing human Spiritual discernment, as distinct from intellectual perception. In other words from   Logos, to   Logos - Sophia Who is inclusive of The Son and Daughter and Holy Spirit. The Trinity therefoe remains as it always -- IS. (was).
The resulting temporal paradigm changes will be a reversal of the fallen perception in global society, state and church temporal that God is a subset of man. This change will manifest the second paradigm change in the reversal of human ecology being perceived as a subset of (endless) ecomonic growth, which is impossible. In this manner the human species will continue its development from homo sapien to Homo Spiritus. (the resurrected Eve and Adam). Thus Einstein's statement will be confirmed by the Hand of God. Amen.

Prior to a Spiritual summary being given the audience were asked whether at The Second Coming the Lord Jesus Christ will return as Groom; to be married to His Father ---- Church, or to His Bride, Sophia?

•  Spiritual Summary A Spiritual summary, potentially of greater depth and revelation that an intellectual summary was then given through the reading of two Muses as distinct from poems entitled "The Wind of Change" and "The Warrior's Sword". These may be read in the Poetry / Photo Album on this website selecting the Mystic option on the   menu, and then scrolling to the bottom of that page, where a link is found to a menu of individual Muses.


The address concluded with a spontaneous   period of silence followed by a mutual expression of thanks .





* Trident Ploughshares is a UK wide organisation whose mission amongst many other things is the removal of all nuclear weapons from British soil. Please see the website at


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