The Mystical Marriage

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The Mystery of Marriage (Hieros Gamos)


Marriage is not a case of "Do you take this man / woman to be your husband / wife". Nor is it a matter of taking responsibility for one's partner. It is not (a) matter at all, it is Spirit. Amen.


As such it is The Blessing first and foremost of giving to the other of one's self and thus receiving of the other. Ultimately receiving of the other as One in Christ - the Groom of the Soul. Groom in the sense of steward (teacher) and Spouse. Amen. The words giving and receiving complement and compliment one and other, as partners in a marriage. To give of self is to receive a gift which fulfils itself . It thus grows eternally and can therefore be shared with all humanity - forever. Similarly, the complement of the word "take" is the word "have". There is no reciprocity here as with giving and   receiving , thus this is a self centred "relationship" which increasingly debilitates the Soul.   This is neither a complimentary nor complementary relationship between the body and Soul. The marriage vow of the church temporal as thus flawed. We may reflect upon the source of flawed words even when used in good faith.


Individualism takes, it cannot give, and   thus receive - The Christ (within). It therefore denies its "Self" and ultimately dies by its own hand as the unfaithful Soul (wife).


Hieros Gamos, The Mystical   Marriage is a mystery to the intellect as "it" is not of the intellect. Neither is it of the emotions, memory, senses or physical body. It is of that which has been omitted from this list. To "blossom where we are planted" it is firstly necessary to be watered where we are rooted. Regarding such matters, indeed all Reality - Truth speaks for (and to) its Self when the Soul is not only ready to listen, but to hear - the still small voice of the first sentence of   Psalm 46.10. Truth cannot be Realised (made real as consciousness) by the spoken word. Thus to ask of another "What is the truth?" is to take a step backwards from the required response as distinct from the answer. Truth has no answer as it has no question. Equally, should another offer a written or spoken answer however plausible that person has not (experienced) Truth.


In Biblical times miracles were at best forgotten, at worst explained away or denied. So it is today. This however does not render Reality void of manifestion as a (perceived) miracle. Rather the denial debilitates the dis-believing Soul. Thus there is no need to speak in detail of The Mystical Marriage. The fact that temporal marriage is held in low esteem in these present times is no reflection upon the God given estate as Blessing, but upon the Souls who have thus chosen to witness before The Lord. The question is and always was not "why get married?", but "why not?". If giving and receiving of the Soul to the other as Soul is the Spiritual motivation, then Nature is wedded to the Soul, and Eve and Adam walk the Earth once more. Thus all informal intimate relationships debilitate the Soul, as they firstly deny The Cosmic Christ not as the marriage broker but as The Groom (previously defined)   to both man and woman. The Second denial is of The   Christ within (as The Christed Soul) as the very Heart of Eros.


At present, with few exceptions humanity globally gives its "self" to the god of individualism which is anathema to the estate of temporal marriage. The need of all Souls is for a marriage to the True Self -to Spirit. This is the God given gift of Realising one's True identity as Cosmos. The Soul 's perception of identity is the source of the physical individual's consciousness. We speak here of discernment not of the Soul, but AS Soul. The insertion of the word "the" between the words but and AS in the previous sentence introduces dichotomy and is thus self contradictory. The mind perceives only the temporal and thus creates an awareness   of "me" as body, thought, memory, emotions, and sensation as a "reality" associated with time and space. This awareness increasingly becomes the assumed (as a garment) identity of the human infant once the Soul has embraced the temporal as distinct from the Womb AS Cosmos. Amen.


The Soul relates to Spirit as Identity and thus to Cosmos as the source not of awareness, but of consciousness. This is so as Spirit is Unity and is not divisible in its Consciousness. Spirit cannot therefore be aware of its "self" as this implies dichotomy. To be aware of something or someone confirms and affirms the separate identity of "me" from that of the observed individaul who is thus outside "me". Awareness thus em- bodies dichotomy. This is the very nature of the flesh and temporal life.


Hence "my book; my house; my husband or wife, and finally --- my life!


The Bible confirms that when a couple leave their parents in marriage they "become one flesh". What then of the Marriage of Spirit as affirmed in The Song of Songs?


Here the Witness ends. Reality however is Eternal, of Whom the earthly "Eternity ring" is but a dim memory until The Groom cometh once again as was in the Beginning.  Such is The Ring of Eternity! Amen.


Please see First Corinthians chapter 2.




Biblical References . Proverbs chapters 4 and 8;   Ecclesiastes;   The Song of Songs; some Epistles; Revelation chapter 12;   First   Corinthians 2. 6-10; Psalms 46. 4-6 inclusive.

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