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Infinity is a vast space or a long time,

Yet small enough to hide in.

The Heart of All is of Noble birth,

Thus of place and time knows all--

Therefore remember my friend Who we are

And to Whom we do belong.

An Infinity of Poetry


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1. The Church Spiritual.

                                                                       2. Photo Album.

                                                                       3. Bardic poems ( after Goethe )

                                  4. Mystic ( the anathema of the lie of the "New Age")

                                                                                              5.  Selected Poetic Works by several authors


Further entries, will be added not so much in or through time, but of Eternity.


Introduction . Most of us will be familiar with the start of Melvin Bragg's South Bank Show on television in which the hand of God and man come together.

The painting on the Front Page of this Blessing of poetry has the assigned title “The Creation and Re-creation of Eve and Adam”. It places the subject in the correct context, that of Consciousness, as far as this is possible through any of the five senses. This is so as Consciousness resides in Identity. The figures should not be seen as necessarily separate from Cosmos in Whom they are portrayed, nor should Cosmos be perceived as an empty void irrespective of the presence of physical planets.


The poems are composed by The Holy Spirit. They are written without “notice” to the vessel and are committed to paper in free flow as quickly as the hand can write. No detail is ever altered. Knowledge of the end of any line is not known at its commencement far less the next verse. Occasionally the title is not known until the work is complete. The Infinity of Poetry contains some three hundred or so poems and Muses. A number of these Blessings are spread throughout the Updates page, and within Current Issues (No.1) on this site.

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