Priest of God or Man? Melchizedek, Eli, and Zadok.

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The Servant as King and the King as Servant --

Head or Heart?


Jesus Christ as Lord Most High was / is both Priest and King. This dual role is that of The Spiritual Steward of both populace and state and thus the realm, as an autonomous nation under God. Amen. Therefore the only form of God ordained government is Monarchy. Not the monarchy of man which is a temporal house built upon the sand of violent foundations and perpetuated in the temporal by dynastic scheming. Temporal monarchy therefore gives itself to apostasy, and thus focuses upon the incumbent and not the office. The former is of the ego, the latter of God.


God's Monarchy is a Spiritual House built upon The Rock. Only thus does The Holy Spirit move within both the populace and state to resurrect Common Unity AS Spirit, of Whom genuine temporal community is an earnest. Amen.


It is through the office of Spiritual Monarchy, not the incumbent thereof that Spiritual change is enabled by The Lord   Most High. The incumbent/s of such office have no need to claim "Divine Right" which is a void temporal expression. Divinity as Omnipresence, Omnipotence, and Omniscience has no need to "claim" anything. By definition, there is nothing "other" to claim! A claim to Divinity in the very moment of its declaration establishes its own separation from God. The only necessary claim and Witness is that of Jesus Christ as Lord   Most High and personal Saviour. Amen.


Such was / is Melchizedek - a Spiritual Monarch and Priest. The order of this Office to Jesus Christ is reciprocal in kind. The Office which Melchizedek occupied as Priest / King as distinct from his Office had / has   "no beginning or end; no father or mother". Was he mortal? Hebrews 5. verses 1-6 inclusive tell us that this order of Monarch arises from within the people and has empathy with the populace because of his / her acknowledgement of their own sin. Thus this Monarchy is upon earth, but not of it.


Moses, a king in all but name was Blessed by Melchizedek to whom he gave one tenth of his war spoils. It is always the greater who Blesses the lesser. Amen. To be a member of such an order "for ever" implies the need for such   Monarchy until the present earth ceases to be. Such Monarchy has always under-girded the fallen monarchy of humanity which arises from the ego and thus the fear of mortality. The desire of the human ego for immorality can never be fulfilled. This state of   Being (immortal) is gifted by The Christ within once the ego has "died" upon the cross of its own making. This cross,   collectively for all humanity - is also The Cross of The Christ. Amen. No more can be said on this point.


The priestly lineage as distinct from office of Eli was terminated by God because of the apostasy of Eli's sons both as individuals, and more seriously as priests. Eli's apostasy was one of Spiritual sloth in firstly failing to discipline his sons in public, and secondly failing to correct their ways. This same discipline and correction will be placed upon humanity by The Sons of Zadok the priest who was appointed by God to Eli's office.   The word "sons" in this context is generic as it includes daughters being a description of kind as distinct from gender. This "kind" and thus office is of The Holy Spirit as distinct from any mortal lineage or dynasty. Thus the Priesthood in and of Melchizedek is affirmed in kind through all time and space. No more need be said on this second point. Amen.


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