The Holy Spirit and Scotland's National Constitution

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In Jesus Name. (15/09/14)

Scotland is not yet politically separate from the rest of Britain. We bear in mind that the Spiritual determines the temporal, not the other way round. It has been separate from the Will of The Lord Jesus for some time. Like the Prodigal it is now being Called back to its birthright as an ouvert Christiant Nation State, fully in dependence upon our Lord Jesus.

Destiny, whether of the individual or a nation requires the God given freedom to claim in Jesus Name the Lord's Gift of the right to Self determination in Jesus. This right of claim arises from the acknowledgement and acceptance  of Jesus Crucifixion and Resurrection.

The spirituality of the present Constitution of this dis-united Kingdom is Norman and thus ultimately Viking in origin. This is most apparent regarding land tenure. Humanity is not one of the three "factors of production" as classical economics would have it. We are God appointed stewards of planet. Thus society should be the determinant of all production based upon our needs as identified by society and not by a hidden global elite who use the world's resources for their own ends.

An aspect of this base Spirituality in Britain involves our temporal monarchy. Windsor Castle was built by William The Conqueror as his power base in Britain. Our present Queen regards this as her home as distinct from Buckingham Palace. The Channel island of Sark is a British Crown Protectorate. It has a fully functional Norman Feudal Constitution including its own Parliament and police force. Queen Elizabeth travels to this island in our times to collect her Feudaul Duty from her vassal, Le Signeur of Sark. This act may be regarded as merely symbolic in the temporal domani considering the small sum involved. It is certainly not so in the Spiritual domain as it maintains the base spirituality of the aptly named "Doomsday Book" and thus the French / Norman word "mortgage". (morte - death). In financial  terms this signifies an enthralment until released by death in the temporal. It is reasonable to assume that if the Queen was aware of the Spiritual significance of her action she would dis-continue this cermony forthwith.

Our present Constitution is such that the Westminster cabinet is "superior" in both the temporal and spiritual domain to the temporal Crown in Parliament. Thus a formal Sterling currency union after Scottish independence would place Scotland in the position of having a currency (a symbol of nationhood) with the head of a monarch thereon who was inferior to Westminster and thus by extension The Holyrood Parliament would remain in spiritual thrall to Westminster despite all appearances to the contrary including any devo-max initiatives.

We cannot have our cake and eat it at the same time!

Our political separation from the dis-united Kingdom is the outworking of The Will of The Holy Spirit. This separation is the necessary precedent to our leaving The E.U. whether as a result of Scotland leaving the UK or as necessary by the act of our own withdrawal from the EU some time after independence. The immenent total Federation of Europe is a necessary spiritual act in the creation of one of the global components of worldl government by humans.Thus the Spiritual issues are the same as our separation from the UK -- writ large! This; but for the intervention of The Holy Spirit (the Feminine Ruach of the Hebrews) would be the ultimate example of the statement "power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely". Such is the anti-Christ!

Scotland will have a bi-cameral parlaiment composed solely of independent members. The upper house will be mostly the provence of women* and young people as a counterbalance to the unacceptable face of patriarchy in the form of nationalism as distinct from nationhood. The intellectual and rational ego related thinking of the left brain hemisphere is predominant in the male. This requires to be complemented by the intuitive heart felt creative thinking of the right brain hemisphere of the feminine. This Spiritual change will rock the nation of Scotland. Such is the  work of Ruach as The Holy Spirit Who is of The Divine Feminine. She may be regarded as Biblical Wisdom of Proverbs 4 and 8, Eccclesiastes, The Song of Solomon and certain of the letters to the early churches. Her own words state that "I cry out at the city gates and am ignored". This has been the case for thousands of years --- UNTIL NOW!

We shall have a resurrected Church Spiritual in (not of) Scotland, a Scottish Spiritual Monarchy and the Sovereignty of the people defined as the Holy Spirit moving amongst the Community! Therefore Scotland will bear Witness to the Constitution of Jesus as Cosmic Christ as reflected in the human constitution as Spirit, Soul and flesh in that order. The written temporal Constitution document will therefore be in Spiritual harmony with the Constitution (Will) of God. Thus the prayer of the last Scottish Covenanter from the gallows that his action should at some time in the future help to manifest the return of King Jesus Monarchy in Scotland will be fulfidded. We recall that if a prayer is according to the the Will of God then it is heard, and if heard -- answered!

Therefore, the Truth of the adage# that "The past is behind us; here and now is the gift of the future -- that is why it is called the present" will be ratified in three days time on 18th September  - Referendum Day in Scotland. This day will mark both an act of liberation and secession. The form; and the political and religious significance of the latter will be of The Holy Spirit alone! Amen.

The same principals and issues WRIT LARGE arise in relation to the Spritiually In Dependence+ Nation State of Scotland and the soon to be (formally) Federal State of Europe presently known as The European Union.

                                                                                   - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

* As distinct from feminism which can be the unacceptable face of partriarchy dressed as a female, as distinct from The Divine      Feminine representing "The Majesty of Women" of whom Robert Burns speaks.

   # Author unknown.

    +  This "in dependence" as distinct from independence will be solely upon our Lord Jesus Christ.



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