Dalriada / Alba; The PIctish Kingdom and Celtic Church Spiritual which Scotland has forgotten

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                                                                                      AN OPEN LETTER
                                                                                       (Hand Delivered)

The Board of Directors                                                                                                       The Wind of Change
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Ladies and Gentlemen of The Board,

Dalriada / Alba; The Pictish Kingdom and Celtic Church Spiritual which Scotland has forgotten

In Jesus Name. Amen.

Throughout this Witness the word “Amen” has the meaning -- The Lord’s Will Be.

The purpose of this letter of Witness is to alert our country of Scotland to it’s loss of belief in The Holy Spirit and thus in its True Self. This is the result of the mis-rule of patriarchy in all its forms both spiritual and temporal. Herein lies the theft of our fledgling nation’s Destiny. It also asks the question of the Board “What do ye more than others?”

The people having been alerted, their’s is the decision as to the respective Blessing or cursing Scotland will experience as spirit, Holy or otherwise. Our struggle therefore is for Spirit both as the outcome, and means of our Delivery. Throughout this letter of Witness the word “Spirit” spelled with a capital S refers to The Holy Spirit, otherwise to principalities and powers.

All recipients of this letter and their organizations are therefore asked to make of it what we will; literally. Both severally and jointly.

Content / Summary.


1. Scottish history as the chronology of spiritual events, and the present day resolution thereof.
2. Patriarchy: Origins / Present Day / Relevance to Scottish Radicals’ Road
3. Nationalism – A flawed global ideology
4. Biblical Wisdom “The eighteen inch drop from head to Heart.”
5. Destiny:  Which wind does “The Flag in the Wind" blow in -- or does it lie becalmed?

6. The nations' need for a Global Covenant in Scotland, as Kairos. This in contrast to the 1997 Kyoto (Japan) G8 Global political disagreement on climate change that is, The Kyoto Protocol and all subseequent politics of "man". eg. The Copenhagen Summit of 2009.
 7. Summary and Conclusion -- Or is it a Beginning?
8.  Circulation List / Appendix / enclosures

(Please see www.wind-of-change.uk -- Current Issue No. 12)



The vessel and content of Witness address firstly the Soul individually and collectively, and secondly the intellect. We thus address the reader in the sense of working towards “the eighteen inch drop” between the individual and nation’s head and Heart, and the abyss between the left and right hemispheres of the human brain. The former having expanded to the size of a hot air balloon, whilst the latter has shrunk to the size of a pea.

1. Scottish history as the chronology of spiritual events, and the present day resolution thereof.

There are six significant events in Scottish history five of which relate directly or indirectly to the Scottish Kingdom of Alba which was subsumed by Kenneth MacAlpin King of Scots. The exception being the event in Haddington in East Lothian. They are listed below in chronological order although this is not critical. These were also spiritual happenings concerning the Sovereignty of present day Scotland. The word Sovereignty does not refer to temporal monarchy or state.

1. The use of Dunnad as the seat of Monarchy of the Scottish Dalriadic Kings. These were originally of mixed Norse and Scots blood. . This new Kingdom of the Scots (Scotland) eclipsed the Pictish Kingdom of Alba. It led ultimately to the establishment of the British Monarchy through Kenneth MacAlpine, and James the 6th of Scotland and 1st of England. The latter “abdicated” from the Scottish throne when he took his court to London.
2. The abbotship of Adamnan of Iona in historical times and the present day clerical stewardship of The Island of Iona.
3 .The ratification by the 16th century Scottish Parliament of their decision to permit the marriage of Mary Queen of Scots to the French Dauphine. This particular sitting took place within the Cistercian Priory at Haddington, the site of which is now only visible as crop markings seen from the air.
4. The decisions made by the succession of The Lords of The Isles at Finlaggan in Islay. There is only one Lord of our Isles, presently identified as our dis-united Kingdom. Dis-united that is from (The) Holy Spirit.
5. The treaty made by the last temporal Lord of The Isles ceding temporal sovereignty of the western isles to the English King. This act took place in Ardtornish Castle in Morven overlooking the Sound of Mull.
6. The present day temporal ownership of The Holy Island off shore from Lamlash in Arran, and the resulting spiritual activity of an ideology which is alien to The Spirit of Scotland. The latter embraces all races as members of the human family, but not all religions or ideologies. The social perversion of modern “inclusion” ultimately results in the exclusion of Self as One. This spiritual power seeks to destroy Spirituality within the island of Iona.

All of the above were and some still are a spiritual attack upon the Sovereignty of our isles. The people of Scotland have had no say in such matters down through the ages regarding European politics which is but part of global spirituality.

The Church founded by Saint Ninian in Galloway (modern Dumfriesshire) spread throughout ancient Alba (modern Scotland from The Firth of Forth to The Shetland Isles in the north and west up to the natural barrier of Scotland's mountainous backbone of Drum Alban. It was the only church which did not ultimately bow its head Spiritualyl or ecclesiastically to any other. The Columban church bowed to the Roman Church approximately one hundred years after Columba's time. Thus and therefore the Spirit of the Christian Pictish Church Spiritual rises once again in our times as co-creator of our future built upon hte foundations of Alba's Spiritual past.

The birthing of the new paradigm in this regard will be a Spiritual eclampsia. This will be a fusion of three historical events. Firstly the resurrection of The Christian Pictish Church not of Scotland, but in Scotland. This is the global Church Spiritual as distinct from the Church temporal; the dichotomy of all denominations and man made global faiths. It (?) is The Way as taught by Jesus Christ. Amen. Secondly, by the performance before the Scottish Parliament and representatives of all faiths of a present day version of Sir David Lindsay’s 16th century play “The Thrie Estaitis”.

Thirdly by the “re-construction” of the Scottish Spiritual Radical Road of which the temporal road of that name ascending Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh is an earnest. Your organisation’s / web pages describe the historical events culminating in the creation of "The Scottish Independent" and its on line voice “The Flag in the Wind”.
I assume that your organisation has its origins in the Scottish Radical’s Insurrection of 1820 of which more later.

The resolution of the historical ills listed above will include the restoration of The British Commonwealth. This in the true sense of the common wealth of the people of all nations, namely our humanity and the stewardship of the planet we live on. This is the antithesis of temporal globalisation. British in the sense that the historical Commonwealth countries will lead all nations as global stewards. This will be established initially through our membership of EFTA. Further growth will result from a Spiritual Covenant (see later) as distinct from the Kyoto dis-agreement of world politicians in 1997. Each of these measures will re-dress historical wrongs between the nations. The core of this Blessing of common wealth will rest upon British Israelites. A name much mis-understood down the centuries, and little known today. It does not refer to or claim to be a nation state, but is a state(ment) of Being. Thus, the battle is for The Holy Spirit as the end of all battles, and the means thereof. Amen.


2. Patriarchy.

2a. Origins: The definition of patriarchy from the Oxford Compact Dictionary (1200 pp) is:-
“ A form of social organisation in which a man or men rule, and descent is reckoned through the male line”.

Equally of interest is the definition and origin of the word “patrician”.
“1. Member of ancient Roman nobility 2. Of ancient Roman nobility, having a noble father.”

In the first definition it is the word “rule” which says it all, encompassing all spheres of today’s society ecclesiastical, political and economic. In the second definition the word “noble” is a description of the self by the self, in other words of self worship where the cap is thought to fit. For example in Parliament we have noble Lords and honourable members. The clergy use titles from His Holiness to father, and from very reverend to reverend. Other denominations have presidents. The political equivalent of the latter does indeed preside! Would our Lord Jesus use these titles as a self description? Would the titleholders expect our Lord to so address them? Is not our Lord present within all Souls called to serve Him? Does He show Himself to us as a temporal nobleman, or a Spiritual noble man?

It is reasonable to assume that the origins of patriarchy go back to the time when our ancestors were hunter gatherers. Prior to that time no one could assert his or her perceived right to ownership of land and thus of Nature Herself as the tribe were constantly following Her physically in search of food. Once “roots” had been planted, both as seedlings and the feet of men ownership became possible. Men, being physically dominant aspired to ownership of land that is to say of The Feminine Herself reflected in the land and landscape. This is reflected in the subordination / domination of women which in turn gives rise to the (inter) gender issues of today. Laterally the husbandry of the land was passed to women in order that men could seek conquest over each other in war. Thus today we have global corporations and atomic weapons in place of bigger hunting grounds and larger wooden clubs.

The Megalithic stone structures of Stone Henge and Callanish on the isle of Lewis are monuments to patriarchy in that the priests sought to demonstrate their understanding and use (control) of Nature by the Cosmic alignments of such structures. Hence to the Druids who worship nature as distinct from The Creator of Nature. This is a form of spiritualism which is the denial of The Holy Spirit. Amen. It also denies Jesus The Christ in Whom All is One.
The present day politics of man regarding “inclusion” and multiculturalism are ultimately exclusive of One as All and thus of our True Selves. continued
Stonehenge acknowledges the mid-winter re-birthing of the sun. The cosmic alignments of these monolith erections can be seen as the priesthood’s affinity with or control over nature.
Some such monuments have the midwinter’s day sunrise entering into the central core or womb of the monument or earth work. A vivid symbol of fertility. Yet the same priesthood denies The Feminine as Biblical Wisdom and in aspects of its relationship with mortal women.

2b Personal and Corporate Patriarchy

Ecclesiastical titles such as His Holiness, father, reverend, very reverend, and president are the old wine. How would the holders of such (courtesy?) titles have Jesus Christ address them were He to be in a congregation? Does The Christ not live within all? The acid test of there being courtesy titles is the facility or otherwise with which they will be given up.

The following is reported factually not emotively. The Second Vatican Council in its “Nostra Aetate” (1962) repudiated the Jewish responsibility for The Lord’s crucifixion. (see Wikipedia.com “rejection of Jesus” second last paragraph before general references) Whilst in good faith, this is a denial of scripture. See Biblical text references within the Wikepedia entry. By implication it is also a denial of the Jewish race as chosen people. The suffering of the Jewish people is consequent upon their clergy’s rejection of Jesus as Messiah. This follows directly from the Judaic statement that “the belief in the Divinity of any human being, Messiah or otherwise is incompatible with Judaism”. “You honour Me, and I will honour you”. The corollary holds good between man and Jesus Christ. The Lord does not turn His back forever upon His people, that is those He has chosen throughout humanity. The Second Coming however is not of the physical realm although it (is “it” an it?) is within it. It is not dependent upon any one race or nation. It raises up The Soul of Humanity as righteous steward/ess of Jesus Christ’s planet earth. Thus, and only thus am I ONE.

By extension in the previous paragraph there is an unconscious denial of the Crucifixion and therefore the resurrection as the act of re-birthing of and by The Christ alone. To deny the acts of the chosen people ie all humanity as have been chosen by Jesus Christ we deny His choice and judgement and therefore The Christ Himself! Equally we therefore deny the Feminine.

Jesus re-birthed humanity upon the Cross. He suffered and shed blood as does the earthly mother in childbirth. This is Jesus as the mother hen gathering Her / His chicks. All Motherhood has its sorrows and Joy of birthing. Such is the Man or Sorrows -- and of Joy! The temporal patriarchal denial of The Feminine is thus seen to be core to our present times. Patriotism is self-sacrifice, patriarchy is a form of self worship and therefore a dichotomy.

Patriarchy may be defined by what it is not. Hence the inclusion of some works of Muse in the appendix. The reader is left to seek their own definition and interpretation of both the word Muse and the content and purpose thereof. Muse is of the right brain hemisphere and of the Soul as (the) Feminine.

Until The Divine Feminine is acknowledged as Biblical Wisdom of Proverbs 3 and 8 etc. and accepted by the male ego the latter will never Realise its True Self. Hence the hot air balloon of the inflated intellect and the pea of discernment; as the 18” drop from the head to the Heart – of (The) All. Amen. The term patriarchy is to some extent independent of physical gender. Feminism may unwittingly be the servant of patriarchy in as much as we become like those with whom we associate. In matters spiritual to do battle is to give cognisance to an opponent, and thus to die by one’s own apostasy.

2c The Present Day.

Please see the sections of The Wind of Change website entitled “Current Issues” and “A Manifesto”. Patriarchy is THE gender issue of today, domestically, nationally and globally from which all other issues arise. The root cause? The sin of fear which is a manifestation of the fundamental sin of pride within which is the lie of dichotomy as the denial of Cosmos.

Herein,the name Israelite refers to The Christ within the individual and all humanity as so choose. Thus we have Jesus Christ as The King of Israel. The present day political state of Israel set up in historical Palistine is anathema to The King of Israel.

2d The 1820 Scottish Radical Movement

This movement is assumed to have given rise in due time to current publication “The Scots Independent” newspaper and its on line version “The Flag in The Wind”. The latter is the addressee of this letter of Witness.

We are presently concerned with the marriage of the politics of religion, and the religion of politics. Why so? Because patriarchy is both temporal and spiritual. The latter is not perceived by the senses as distinct from intuited by Soul.

Some examples:

The 1820 Scottish Radical’s address to the people of Scotland mentioned the English Magna Carta which was drafted by nobles for nobles having regard for their personal interests. Strangely our own Treaty of Arbroath (1320) was not cited at all . This is the definitive Constitutional document of the peoples present day fledgling nation state of Scotland. This document was used in part in the preparation of The American Constitution. This Treaty confirms the origin of the Scots to be Scythia and thus to the introduction of a Spiritual / Feminine dimension as territory is of the land. The name Scythia* refers to the modern day area of Denmark. Not to the modern myth of the Black Sea Scythia. Migration followed the south coast of North Sea prior to the existence of the English Channel. Writers such as Magnus Magnusson dismiss the "Scythia myth” believing it to refer to the area north of the Black Sea. He states this was an attempt to impress the recipient (The Pope) with one’s antecedents. Upon what authority does he thus dismiss himself? Truth is always stranger than fiction, why? Because fiction no matter how credible is the product of the finite mind of “man”, whereas Truth is (of) the Infinite Heart of Goddess as Biblical Wisdom Who “cries out in the streets and is ignored” (Proverbs 1.20 – 27 incl. and chapter 8 et al) God’s Darling present at Creation as stated in our Bible and depicted upon the Sistine Chapel ceiling. All treaties are however between fallible men and nations! (* References: "A New History of The Picts" by Stuart McHardie" (2010); and "The Atlantic Celts" by Simon James (1999)

The Treaty of Arbroath, like The Magna Carta was drafted by nobles of good faith but also with an interest in their own positions. It was made to a European power, spiritual or temporal it matters not. Thus it could have no lasting validity. Consider the people’s position that is all the people in relation to the present day spirituality of the European continent.

The Lion Rampant is the coat of arms of the King of Scotland. The Saltire as the symbol of St. Andrew is based upon the tale of a cloud formation seen prior to battle resembling the diagonal cross of the saint’s (definition?) crucifixion. The connection with St. Andrew originates with the veneration of religious relics said to be associated with the saint. These were brought to Scotland by the Augustan Orders from Northumberland to the town of St Andrews in Fife.This was a religio-political act. As such it is independent of earthly time. Therefore the flawed spirituality of this attack on the realm of Scotland is still with us today.

This veneratioin attempts to place the physical above the Spiritual; the dead above the living. The Christ crucified above the Risen Lord Jesus Christ as King of Kings and Lord of Lords.It is comparable with worshiping Christ’s Cross as distinct from the crucified Christ thereon, now risen. The supposed spirit of St. Andrew is thus associated with war in heaven and earth. The Lion Rampant is also the symbol of The Lion of Judah. This tribe broke away from the other eleven tribes of  the people of King of Israel. Jesus subsequently exposed the nature of the Pharisees of this tribe. Christ Jesus is the King of today's people of Israel world wide. Israel is the Christ’s name, not a temporal nation or state. Without Spiritual Monarchy chaos reigns. Thus the Lion Rampant Flag is that of The King of the global people of Israel, not to any nation state set up by the hand of man.

The Radical Movement was divided against itself and thus failed as it had the spirit of patriarchy within its own spirit in the following ways.

1 Veneration of relics as recognition of the spirit behind this activity.
2 Denial of Spiritual heritage – Celtic Kingdom of Dalriada
3 Wrong flag if the Saltire was used in 1820.
4 Denial of need for Spiritual Monarchy
5 Thus to present times, with the denial of The Wind in which the flag known as The Lion of Judah blows.

The dead in the flesh are dead, as are all objects associated with them or said to be so. Therefore the veneration of such objects is the worship (the acknowledgement of supremacy) of the physical over the Spiritual. Of physical death above The Life within. The Christ Spirit of The Creatrix. Amen. None of the above is stated emotively or judgmentally.

In historic times temporal monarchy was maintained by the feudal system which included the feudal lord’s “right of the first night”. Patriarchy writ large! Today it is the marriage of the religion of politics and the politics of religion (the establishment) and judicial financial investment which maintains our dis-enfranchised temporal and thus dynastic monarchy. The origin of such monarchy is the violence of dynastic wars going back to the commencement of land ownership.


3. Nationalism – A Flawed Global Ideology.

The pivotal question here is: -- Back to the future or forward to the past?

In other words is present day Scotland the country which has forgotten the historical temporal Kingdom of Dalriada; or does The Spirit of The Kingdom of Dalriada today remember the present day country of Scotland? Need memory always work backwards? Then again, what of time?

The latter perspective requires memory to look forwards. The intellect perceives this to be impossible. The intellect may therefore busy itself with another question. Does the past cause the future, or the future cause the past? The intellect will state that the future cannot cause the past and thus it has to admit that the past contributes to the future if only that we learn (?) from our mistakes.

Thus the fact may become less incredible that The Spiritual Kingdom of Dalriada in the Scottish Soul and consciousness -- has, does and will continue to determine The Destiny of Alba. Please see “The Bride” navigation bar element on the Wind of Change website. Thank you.

The remainder of this topic is described below in tabular form as a list of opposites from which various conclusions have bee made.


Nationalism                                             >>                                                 Nationhood

Realism                                                                                                          Reality
Optimism                                                                                                        Realise (endowment)
Pessimism                                                                                                     Realization (to make real – Create)
Socialism etc.                                   < Holy Spirit >                                     Manifestation of Holy Spirit through
Protestantism / Catholicism etc                                                                  temporal Monarchy.
Christianity / Judaism / Islam etc (western examples)                           Reign of Cosmic Christ through humanity – not fallen                                                                                                                                                  “man”.
Global business – global nation
Patriarchal “marriage” of business, politics and religion.
spiritual marriage of politics of religion; and religion of politics.
World government by fallen “man”.
Global Corporations as bride – the groom? Mephistopheles.


4. Biblical Wisdom; and temporal patriarchy

The reader may investigate the related topics of Sophia, Shekhina and Shakti on the internet as they relate to the Divine Feminine in the Christian, Jewish and Hindu faiths respectively together with the corresponding elements of other faiths (if any). An initial Blessing will be found in the reading of the following Biblical texts. Proverbs, especially chapters 3 and 8; Ecclesiastes; The Song of Songs; 1 Corinthians chapter 2; and Revelation chapter 12. Amongst others.

Please also refer to the navigation bar element entitled “The Bride” on The Wind of Change website, and to the menu element on this page entitled “The Mystical Marriage – of Wisdom.” Her own words in the Bible tell us that She was (and always will be) present with God at Creation and re-Creation. The Blessing is depicted upon the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. As The Divine Feminine Wisdom is intimately concerned with the birthing of The Cosmic Christ and The Church Spiritual of Revelation 12. Therefore also with the Spiritual enablement, as distinct from temporal empowerment, of the Cosmic Child within the physical child and adult. The former as guide to the latter. That is to say The Christ to humanity; and therefore the physical child to the adult. Please see the last paragraphs of “The Manifesto” on the Wind of Change website and the painting entitled “Cosmic Birthing” in the appendix.

Feminism is the antithesis of Biblical Wisdom as it seeks to assert the rights of women. This is to engage in a perceived war, and thus to perpetuate one’s own defeat. Robert Burns in his poem “The Rights of Women” speaks of immortal love and the majesty of women. This work was and therefore always will be prophetic. It is also contemporary with our present times. The phrase “immortal memory” associated with the person of Burns is self contradictory in the temporal. Only Love; as Divine Wisdom is Immortal. This Love Jesus gave to John from His Cross in the form of his mortal mother. The work of Burns is for this very hour as the very essence of Resurrection of The Divine Feminine and thus Scotland as Destiny. Amen. This ladies and gentlemen, and nothing else is “The Way of The Radical” as taught by Jesus whilst upon earth of which The Radical Way upon Arthur’s Seat and the temporal movement it represented is but a dim reflection. The Way does not bring peace initially, but The Sword. Amen.

4a Denial of The Divine Feminine as Global Healer. – A Medical Analogy

The foundation of today’s medical profession is the pharmaceutical industry. Thus the medical paradigm is based mostly upon the suppression of symptoms as distinct from the removal of causes. It knows almost nothing of The God given Art of Healing. This not to be dismissive of the huge Blessing we enjoy in our National Health Service and the necessary devotion of those who work therein.

This is the marriage of intellect and commerce, leading ultimately to human cloning as a forced entry to eternal life in the flesh – literally the perpetual hell of existence therein. The motivation is that of global government by “man” as the anathema of Christ’s Stewardship and Governance of His Creation. This is fear writ large.

Similarly, the global objective of today’s religions is the suppression of The Holy Spirit. Who, not which, is synonymous with Sophia as Biblical Wisdom. There are individual exceptions, which serve to confirm the rule – of other spirits throughout these man made philosophies. The word philosophy is derived from the Greek word “sophos” meaning wisdom as in Sophia. Thus philo-Sophia, love of Sophia. (Ruach in the Biblical context). The dictionary’s initial definition of this word is “the use of reason and argument in seeking truth and knowledge”. Impossible! This is academia as distinct from Universal–ity, as found in man made “universities”. This is not dismissive of the intellect. It is Witness to its vanity and thus finitude.

Such is the denial of The Blessing of The Christ within – the only source of Global Healing of both the human race and planet earth. Spirit, Soul and body. Amen. Therefore we give our thanks. Amen.

5. Destiny

The Child’s View:  An infant has no conscious (temporal usage) awareness of Destiny despite the fact that such a one is nearer to God in-utero than many adults. We choose whether our early lives bring us closer to God as Destiny or whether we distance ourselves therefrom. Amen.

Indeed, the child’s unconscious perspective is “I don’t know where I am going and I don’t know how to get there”. The Divine Child however has no need to know the nature of Destiny, as She or He is (part) Thereof. “Unless ye become as little children – “.

Scripture affirms this Truth in the text of Hebrews 1.1-4 incl. The NIV uses the word Child; others refer to the Son. The Blessing of and by The Child by The Mother embraces the Girl Child of Ruach..

Individual and national Destiny are outwith the domain of the intellect. Therefore ultimately all temporal politics, economics and man made theologies are to no avail. The fact of there being so many theologies confirms the dichotomy within each.
To study the Life of God is to remain not without; but outwith Life! This is summarised below to confirm Prana as Creator and Re-Creator.

Cosmic Christ as Cosmos



Destiny, as civic Common-Unity is the antithesis of racial government. Such is The Christ Child within the community as Shepherd and counsellor, not as a temporal leader. Amen.

5a The Need to Claim Destiny

The Christ Child does not plead with the people or beg to God. Destiny is claimed by command (mutual possession) of God - - in action! -- Both of God and humanity. It is thus Gifted as The Birthright. To plead or beg is to indulge in self pity – the sin or pride having set our own judgement above that of God. Thus the sin of our definitive sin of fear arising from the dichotomy of the Biblical fall. It is claimed by the individual in ignorance of the form thereof, but in the knowledge that a blank cheque must be voluntarily signed regarding the price to be paid. Let those who have ears to hear, hear. It follows therefore that “it” (is it an it?) is a God given Right of The Prodigal Daughter and Son through the Sacrificial Blood to The Godhead. Amen. It is not an appeasement through faith which is itself a Gift of God as is Grace, as distinct from salvation (?) through “good works” determined by man. Amen.

5b The Need to Dream

Please see the work of Muse entitled “The University of Life” in the appendix. Dreams are not Realised in prose -- neither is Muse! Muse is the answer to prayer articulated as words. Prayer is the bedrock of The Dream of God. Therefore -- .

5c The Present Day: Right / Left Brain Hemisphere

Please see the previous reference on page four and elsewhere. It is not a matter of bursting the inflated balloon of the left brain. Rather there is a need for temporal patriarchy to be become less, and The Divine Feminine (shrunk to the size of a pea) to become more thus Realising The Divine Masculine. This Blessing is reflected in the process of osmosis within living cells. The outcome will be neither feminism or patriarchy, but Wisdom. This is the enablement of The Divine Feminine through Jesus as Cosmic Christ within -- the flesh. This Blessing of humanity is the Realisation of The “Right” brain of Mother and Child. As within so without, as above, so below. That is –
The Second Coming. Amen.

Of House and Home.

Flesh is my house,
Spirit is My Home
Therefore let Me be at Home –
Upon the earth!


5d Gender Issues

This topic is a development of the previous heading. A family divided against itself is contrary to Universal Law. The human family is but a fractal of The Divine Family of Mother, Father, Daughter and Son. Without an earthly mother there can be no birthing.

Therefore without Wisdom there can be no Life! Wisdom is also “its” own seed as Love. Such is the birthing of Eve and Adam. Amen. Thus will humanity firstly be saved, then redeemed. Thus only will the planet rejoice! Amen.

(This) Reality is embodied in the Manifestation of Heiros Gammos. Please see the menu item of this name on the web page entitled “The Bride” within The Wind of Change website at www.wind-of-change.co.uk Thank you.

All of the above, and section 5A in particular Witnesses to our need for:-

6. The Global ( Scotland) Covenant -- As Kairos!

As Distinct from the 1997 (Kyoto: Japan) political Dis-Agreement of the world G8 Nations "The Kyoto Protocol" and

The 2009 Copenhagen G8 Dis-Agreement and all politics of man.

6a The League of Nations was established shortly after the First World War as man’s attempt to prevent all further global wars. Winston Churchill addressed this body on 21st December 1937 in a speech entitled “Dictator’s and The Covenant”. This title was assigned by his son Randolph Churchill in his book of his father’s speeches entitled “Arms and The Covenant”. No other speech has the word Covenant in its title in this four hundred-page book. (See page 425). The transcript of the first half of Winston’s concluding paragraph can be found in the Appendix to this letter together with the explanation of its shortcomings. He referred to The League’s “covenant” document and therefore to a human attempt to bring about global peace. Thus by default he confirmed the impossibility of such an objective.

A Covenant is between Goddess / God and humanity, as distinct from an apparent "agreement" between the oposing factions of humanity. It is thus of The Heart of All and therefore it cannot be contracted to in any document as it is not a contract, but a voluntary agreement to mutual Blessing in which humanity is called to act as the manifestation of God’s Will. Amen. Neither is it an objective as this word contains dichotomy, nor is it a mission statement each of which are earthly terms. A praiseworthy attempt, but flawed in its conception in both senses of the word “conception”.


6b Statement of Covenance as The Blessing of Scotland in the 21st Century

The Past as The Future in Scotland

(Please see also Menu Item No.7 on "The Bride" homepage entitled "Celtic Spirituality Today as Europe's Deliverance")

This is the Resurrection of "The Way" as taught by Jesus Christ whilst on earth. Its foundation is the resurrection of The Global Church Spiritual as the Earnest of He and She Who Are to Come in these apostate times.    


The Covenant Blessing  -- and the Blessing of The Covenant

  • A mutual commitment between God and humanity for the evolution of the human race.
  • Blessed (overseen) by The Holy Spirit.
  • Creator and Created having respective responsibilities and domains each known to the other.
  • In Whom (not which) humanity as Stewardess and Steward -- answers to God.



The Covenant is not therefore a reaction to a third entity, temporal or spiritual. Divinity, AS Unity does not recognise a battlefield. This is why humanity has the need of "The Covenant of The People -- as Kairos ". The need will be met according to Wisdom’s Heart’s Desire – for Her Children. Amen.

Underpinning the global church temporal is the church Spiritual of Whom no more need be said. Please see the appendix for an extract from “The Pictish Nation its People and its Church” and “The Bride” on The Wind of Change website.


7.a  Summary

The “isles of the sea afar off” have experienced many invasions none of which permanently occupied the western seaboard of Scotland. Some are listed below. These include the Roman military invasion and the Viking; Norman; Spanish and two German invasions.

Not for the first time our country now experiences the principalities and powers of Europe who, not which, would bring about in Europe he who would be king thereof.

Spiritual Monarchy is The Way, and birthright of The Divine Child alone. It (?) is The Blessing of a re-united Monarchy of The British Isles. Therefore the initial independence of the yet to be Nation State of Scotland is the manifestation of the ultimate re-uniting of the present day dis-united Monarchy of our British Isles. Amen.

It is essential therefore not to do battle other than to remain upon our individual Holy Ground. Thus to prepare for Peace. This in Jesus Name, as individuals and in common-Unity. Therefore, we do not do battle against powers and principalities, rather in Jesus Name and therefore in the Gift of Grace alone we Witness before them as The Silence of The Lamb. Otherwise we give cognisance to an opponent and thus we die by our own will. Therefore; those who perceive The Christ within as an enemy die by their own hand. Amen.

The corollary of the previous paragraph is that we actively prepare The Way for The Christ within – that is to say The Second Coming. Amen.

The role of humanity in this regard is the establishment of The Church Spiritual upon earth – who are The People. The temporal term for these Beings is little understood. Thus in the present country of Scotland we have the re-established Spiritual Church in Scotland, as distinct from the temporal established Church of Scotland -- of any denomination or faith! Amen.

7 b . Conclusion

As chronos within Kairos, I AM (The Way as taught by Jesus Christ) is both individual and national Destiny -- and the determinant of each.. Amen


Thank you for reading this Witness.

Ian McLean (as vessel thereof)

8. CIRCULATION LIST (alphabetical order)


Addressee: “The Scottish Independent” newspaper and the on line version thereof “The Flag in The Wind”. Please click on the two websites below. Please allow time for full pages to load and scroll down tp see full pages.





Aberdeen University Department of History (Elizabeth McLaren) With a request to copy to Depts. of Philosophy, Religious Studies, and Irish and Scottish Studies.)
The Director BBC Scotland
Catholic Church in Scotland
Episcopal Church in Scotland
The Director Friends of The Earth Scotland
The First Minister, Scottish Government (for information only)
The Free Church of Scotland
Moderator of The Free Presbyterian Church in Scotland
The Hindu Community Edinburgh
The Leader, The Iona Community
The Central Mosque, Edinburgh
Methodist Church in Scotland
The Editor The Oban Times
The Press and Journal
Portree Community Council, Isle of Skye
Radio Forth (religious and political editors)
Samye Ling Buddhist Centre, Eskdalemuir.
The Director, Scottish Natural Heritage
The Editor, The Scotsman
The Society of Friends, Scotland
The Sikh Community Edinburgh
The President of Edinburgh Synagogue
Theatre Alba
Trident Ploughshares-- Iona Affinity Group (within but distinct from The Iona Community)
The West Highland Free Press
The Director, World Wildlife Fund (Scotland)

Thirty prayerful friends.

All firstly as individuals, some also as members of organisations with which they are involved, or with which they may choose to involve themselves in the future.

Appendix overleaf

nb. The Japan Society of Scotland was on the original circulation list. This error was caused by the sin of egotism of the site steward, Ian Mclean.


Please click on the hypertext menu at the foot of this page to access the individual elements listed in the appendix contents with the exception of item No.1


1 The classical music CD “The Armed Man” by Karl Jenkins.
2 Winston Churchill’s address to The League of Nations.

3 Extract from “The Pictish Nation its People and its Church”
4 “The Second Coming” by J.B. Yeats
5 “The Wind of Change and the Gentle Warrior”. By Ruach.
6 “The University of Life” by Ruach
7 Painting of Cosmic Birthing. An Icon of Sophia, Shekhina, and Shakti and the indirect affirmation of the “axis mundi” by the Lakato Tribe of North American Indians as instanced by The Black Hills of Dakota or Paha Sapa.


The classical music CD entitled “The Armed Man” by Karl Jenkins.

This work has a photograph of a white dove on the sleeve in which are printed the words of the vocal works. It was commissioned by the Royal Armoury for the millennium celebrations with the conviction that all wars should cease. Commissioned to mark the millennium The following tracks are apposite. 1. Sanctus 2. Benedictus. 3. Better is Peace. As to the identity of The Armed Man, that is not for The Heart to determine --- but to feel! Amen.


Extract from concluding paragraph of Winston Churchill’s Address “Dictators and The Covenant” to The League of Nations 1937.


1        “By adhering to the Covenant of the League we secure the goodwill of all nations of the
2        world who do not seek to profit by acts of wrongful and violent aggression. We secure a
3        measure of unity at home among all classes and parties, which is indispensable to the
4        efficiency of our foreign policy as well as to the progress of our defensive preparations.

5        We consecrate and legitimise every alliance and regional pact which may be formed for mutual protection.

6        Strict adherence to The Covenant of The League and the Kellogg Pact will win
7        for us a very great measure of sympathy in The United States.”

Line 1. “secure” – nothing of man is secure. This word still remains in the second line! So does the cause of the insecurity – patriarchy!. This is not said judgementally.
4. “foreign policy” – foreign that is to God! Policy is of man, Covenant Blessing is of God!
5“We consecrate and legitimise”. A human being cannot in their own name consecrate anything. Alliances and pacts are of man and thus the language of war is retained throughout this concluding paragraph of the entire speech. The word alliance has its root in ally, this “admits” the fact of an enemy. This in turn is to depart from Ones own Holy Ground. Thus the battle is for Holy Spirit in both interpretations of the word “for”. The word “legitimise” in relation to alliances and pacts establishes the likelihood of illegitimacy. This is the case in Heaven when temporal patriarchy denies Wisdom as The Divine Feminine. Without The Spiritual Mother temporal Monarchy can have no issue -- that is to say no temporal reliability.
6. “Kellogg pact”. A commercial Name / sponsor in the text of a covenant (?) concerning the survival of the human species. A portent of globalisation. Unity between humanity and Goddess is not a “pact”. This word has spiritual connotations.


Next page Extract from “The Pictish Nation its People and its Church.” (1917)
By Archibald B. Scott. A copy is held in The Scottish National Library
George 4th Bridge, Edinburgh. (This is a members only reference library)
A most learned work with copious source notes throughout.

Thereafter: Four remaining pages of Appendix as listed above under “contents”
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(NB. Nos 2-4 require the magnifying cursor. Place arrow cursor on the actual text as necessary and left click. The magnifying cursor should appear automatically. Click again to cancel or move cursor from area of text.)

1. Extract from “ The Pictish Nation its People and its Church”   (Please see also "The Bride", menu item No.7)  
2. “The Second Coming” by J.B. Yeats
3. “The Wind of Change and The Gentle Warrior” by Ruach
4. “The University of Life” by Ruach
5. Painting of Cosmic Birthing.

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