The spiritual Assault on The Scottish Parliament (2/6/04)

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The spiritual Assault on The Scottish Parliament* 2/6/04

                                  (Mediated through the physical vessel of the Dalai Lama)

          ( It is Spiritually significant that the parliament sat in The General Assembly Building  of The Church of Scotland)


The Christ within as The Sovereignty of the people speaks. Amen.


Scotland is the name given to a physical piece of land which is not a Nation as it presently has no awareness of it's Spiritual Heritage and therefore of it's Spiritual Destiny before The Christ Most High. Amen.


A Nation is the name given to a discrete people with a distinct cultural identity, language and shared historical heritage. In contrast within this Witness the name Scotia refers to The Spiritual Body of true Worshipers of The Christ Most High who having been chosen, choose to stand upon The Holy Ground of The Christ Within. They are thus simultaneously their own land, "culture" and heritage, as Spirit. They are thus The Church Spiritual as distinct from the church temporal. Scotia thus leads Scotland to temporal Nationhood in the service of The Lord Most High. Amen.


The spirit of evil acting through the Dalai Lama on the occasion of his "Reflection Time" Parliamentary address attempted to block The Sovereign Reign of The Christ Most High in the temporal parliament of Scotland by claiming sovereignty over the presiding officer of the parliament and thus the entire parliament. Therefore by extension over the Scottish people, the country, and the physical LAND known as Scotland. This   was attempted as a result of the individual and collective apostasy of the MSPs and the public in the galleries. Give us a king the people cried!


The assault took place upon the very entry of the Dalai Lama to the Chamber. He made no gesture of greeting either western or Buddhist. The presiding officer occupying the seat to which parliamentary sovereignty is assigned initiated proceedings by simultaneously bowing to the Dalai Lama and giving him the Buddhist clasped hand greeting. No subsequent hand shake was offered or received by the lama. It is essential to see this physical act in its Spiritual context in relation to all else that occurred during the period of the Dalai Lama's visit to Scotland. Amen.


As individual Westerners, were we to visit the lama in his inner sanctum would we expect him to initiate the greeting by the extension of his hand in a handshake? This before his Buddhist greeting   -- if at all! Having returned the Buddhist greeting would we extend our hand of friendship? If we did and it was not accepted what would we do? Why would / should we not do so? Does The Christ not reign sovereign within the true Believer? It is to be noted that there was no subsequent handshake offered by the dalai lama. This would have symbolised equivalence, as distinct from the sought after conformity, signifiying and confirming spiritual (small "s") compliance. This spiritual attack understandably was not recognised as such. This does not alter the fact that, in that moment the Scottish executive surrendered the sovereignty of OUR country before the spirit of evil. The Presiding Officer behaved as a true gentleman throughout discharging his temporal role as he thought best. The correct discharge of the role and function of the presiding officer as host and representative of The Christ on this Spiritual  occasion should have been to offer his hand of friendship in the first instance thus retaining his own personal sovereignty as well as discharging his role. Then afterwards if he so chose the lama may have offered his Buddhist greeting which the presiding officer would THEN have been enabled to return as a matter of courtesy as distinct from an act of unwitting spiritual abdication.


Thus the content of the lama's short address was of no consequence as the spiritual assault had been delivered. As a result every soul in the building which in that moment did not actively Worship (acknowledge the supremacy of) Our Lord Jesus Most High was in thrall to the spirit of ultimate deceit. Hence the standing ovation. This is why The Holy Spirit told the Prayer Wall members (a ladies prayer group) not to stand up if there was an ovation as that would have been to worship the devil. Standing ovations may be described as a ripple effect thus puting in question the level of genuine spontaneity. They are also orchestrated as literal "clap-traps" at political meetings. Therefore their existed for a short while a marriage of politics and religion. A profound Spiritual predicament.


Once the people had declared their apostasy in this way, and the fallen one had shown his hand,   The Lord Most High spake. The usage "spake" is archaic. It illustrates the fact however that if we forget where we have come from and to Whom we belong, then we cannot know where we are going and in Whom we live, breathe and have our very Being. Amen.


After the standing ovation, in and AS The Divine Moment, The Word proclaimed the following Prophecy simultaneously with the prayer of a human vessel in the public gallery. Thus and thus alone was the foundation stone of The Sovereignty of The Christ Most High once again manifest in The Parliament of the fledgling Scotia.                                                                                      


"In Christ's Name, and therefore in and AS The Gift of Grace alone The Nation of Scotia will Worship The Lord Most High and no other god. Amen"


This Prophecy is explained below .


1. "In Christ's Name". When was the Name of Christ last used in the Scottish Parliament? When was it last used in Truth in the building in which the Parliament met on this occasion? (In 2004 this was The General Assembly Building of The temporal Church of Scotland.)

2. "Therefore". A pivotal word. Few   believe in The Christ and therefore in His or Her manifestation to come.

3. Not only in, but also "AS" The Gift of Grace. Thus Scotia itself will be used as The Gift of Grace of The Christ Most High to all the nations of earth. Amen. Psalm. 46.10.

4. "The Gift of Grace alone". Critical in reminding us all of our total helplessness at all times outwith The Christ.   Amen.

5."The Nation of Scotia". Not the physical Scotland, but The Resurrected Church Spiritual of the sixth century in Alba. Cf. "Current Issue No.12 on this website. Dalriada, the Kingdom that Scotland has forgotten as distinct from Scotland the nation which Dalriada remembers"

6. "Worship"   -- defined as the acknowledgement of the supremacy of   --. From which act, praise naturally and spontaneously arises. Not the other way around.

7. "The Lord Most High". The Supreme Being of Light. Jesus Christ. Amen.

8. "No other god". Either of any world religion including the line of Eli; or of a secular nature as in the god of sport, or self worship, money, power and a thousand others.


The purpose and outworking of this Prophecy is the saving of the planet and thus humanity as a species. The Blessing is the raising up of humanity from homo sapiens, to Homo Spiritus. Amen.

A Related Spiritual Issu ( Added 2014)

The worship (acknowledgement of supremacy) of The Saltire by the Scottish Government as the flag of the people of Scotland is spiritual idolitary. As we know the diagonal cross thereon relates to the Biblical apostle Andrew. By whom was this apostle canonised and when? What is canonisation? What is the Spiritual definition of the word "saint" in relation to the definition of the term "The Mind of God"? What is the Spiritual definition of the term "The Mind of God" in terms of consciousness?. What is the defintion of consciousness, human or otherwise? Is there a relationship between consciousness and identity? Can a mortal confer Divinity upon another mortal? More significantly; bones stated to be those of Andrew (by whom etc) are revered by part of the Christian church in Scotland. This is the worship (do) of death over Eternal Life and thus the denial of Christ's Ressurection, and therefore also the denial of his crucifixion. In a Spiritual context, the term "revere" may be reasonalbly taken to mean worship; and thus to acknowdedge and accept supremacy. We revere the Spirit of our Lord Jesus Christ; not the bones of his mortal vessel,! Far less the bones of a lesser mortal!


A Personal Note.


It is essential never to join battle when exposed to the devil, either as an individual or group. This is to give cognisance to a perceived enemy and therefore to empower the lie. Put another way, even if we think we are winning, we have already lost insofar as we have denied The Holy Ground not upon which, but within Whom we stand   -- as Witness in Truth. Amen. This apparently passive denial is to take one active step towards the spirit of evil. Amen.


The application of this crucial wisdom is the essence of intercessory prayer in the domain of the Sovereignty of The People as The Christ Within. Pleas to "vanquish the enemy" no matter the form of words only empower him in the ego of those praying. The arch deceit of the devil is such that the deceived party may never know of the deceit even after the assault thereof. Amen. Satan in contrast is more obvious in his assault. To fight (against)   the lie or to ask God to do so however well meant, is to deny the fact that as Omnipitence, Omnisience, and Omnipresence God as Nature and Truth cannot perceive of any "enemy" as I AM (myself alone). God is Unity, as such there is no " other". Dichotomy is the lie or fall, of both Lucifer and   man. Amen.


It is to be expected that our natural fervour after righteousness will cause us to cry out in whatever form for the devil to be vanquished . However this is when we must be watchful. Rather, it is essential for us to remain upon our own Holy Ground in Jesus Name and therefore in the Gift of Grace alone -- AS The Christ Within and thus focus our thoughts upon our need and desire for The Christ Most High and His actions in the given situation in relation to Himself -- and not as a reaction to the actions of the devil.   Amen .


The Christ Within has no need to do battle as this is to acknowledge the supremacy of the lie, which is to worship the lie. The lie cannot exist in the Presence of Light. The lie ultimately lies unto itself by it's very nature, and thus dies by it's own hand.


There is no question of denying the activity of the devil. In Christ's Name, and therefore in The Gift of Grace alone, we minister unto The Lord Most High as His Witness in Truth as the helpless Child. Amen.


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