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1) The Wind of Change

2) About the Wind of Change

3) How does the Wind of Change blow?

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About the Wind of Change

This enterprise of the heart is firmly based upon the concept of the Learning Organisation as the only means of maintaining organisational integrity and community health. This concept underpins all other initiatives such as TQM and "Excellence". It is a precursor to the formation of effective and sustainable partnerships within and between businesses and the community which all profitable businesses ultimately serve. How do you define and measure profit?

Statement of values

Ethos Each individual is free to choose his or her own destiny.
Pathos Competition and power can give way to co-operation and trust.
Logos Individuals and organisations may choose to enable each other in the community at large. This results in synergy, optimal profits, and is ecologically sound.


The Wind of Change is confirmed in this site to be Ruach of The Bible. The temporal description is that of a catalyst which seeks to change the pulse of the community at large, and within business in particular. It intends to be the model Learning Organisation in Scotland.


Our commitment is that all individuals have the right to a covenant relationship with their organisation as a discrete community. We therefore journey with our clients and colleagues towards our heart's desire.

As a client-centred enterprise we do not offer packaged solutions, but seek to build client autonomy.
Whilst a series of tailored learning events (as distinct from courses) can be provided, these are regarded as building blocks for organisational development "on the job"


Individuals and organisations helping each other to enjoy learning life and business skills, thus gaining an even deeper sense of our own collective identity. Only in this way are organisational restrictions overcome and performance optimised.

Ian McLean

I have a total of twenty years' experience in management and organisational development with an Industrial Training Board and laterally with British Gas. For the last ten years I have been involved with community-building in the voluntary and education sectors. I am committed to learning based on the paradigm shift from competition and power, to trust and co-operation which is fast becoming a commercial reality even on the accountant's bottom line. I have no need to be an authority, merely a catalyst —

as a vessel of The Holy Spirit in Common Unity with others. (This does not refer to spiritualism which is anathema to Love) I work in The Gift of Grace of our Lord Jesus Chirst alone. I am supported by prayerful friends.

Why should we work together?

Why did you finish reading this page? Was it just curiosity? If not, you may want to consider the consequences for you and your organisation of not "letting go of the shore".

Its not only what we do; its the way that we do it, and who we discern oursleves to be —

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