The Text of Viking (Norman) Philosophy

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A Short Text of Viking (Norman) Philosophy

 As displayed on the wall of the Summer 2014 Viking Exhibition in The British Museum London.


The British Museum on line promotional video stated that the Vikings “raided, traded, explored and settled in four continents  --- and now they are back!” Many a true word said in jest! - - They have never left!

The text is projected (written) on to the wall of the main exhibition hall which housed the remains of the largest Viking warship ever found. (110ft).The text is in four sections as set out below.

The crucial significance of the Viking era is that its base spirituality still determines the politics of man throughout Britain as the extant Norman Feudal system inclusive of our present (temporal) monarchy.  The Lord of the Isles required the consent of Rome as to who he could marry.  The etemology of the Gaelic surname "Donald" as in the historic Lord of The Isles has the meaning "world leader". Nothing changes! Therefore Scotland is Called to “come (stand) out from amongst them”. This refers to England (Fuedal) and the fast approaching Federation of Europe. Such is Destiny. Amen.

The present day Clydeside Parish of Govan in Glasgow was the seat of the Pictish King Constantine. The present day Govan Parish Church houses a congregation of huge Viking “Hogsback” Carved Stones. These are said to represent Viking homesteads. The physical world is but the reflectionof the Spiritual domain. Thus the latter is causal of the former.

The British Museum exhibition is sponsored by the global multi-national, British Petroleum. Its goal was to become the “largest company in the world”. This was stated about three years ago under the chairmanship of “Lord” Brown who resigned in disgrace due to personal circumstances shortly thereafter. He was known as the “sun god” within the company.  Whichever way we spell the word “sun” such a title suggests world domination.

The Clan Donald is one of the most significant clans of our times. It is associated with Somerled, the historic  “Lord of The Isles” who was of Viking extract. The Gaelic etymology of the surname Donald is  -- “world leader”! Nothing changes!

Thus; base spirituality has to attempt to resurrect itself. Global Multi-nationals are anathema to Jesus as The Cosmic Christ. Lord Brown remains a peer in the House of Lords. Is this also our Lord’s house under a temporal monarchy?. I think not despite its Lords Spiritual who sit amongst the host of unelected Lords as the upper house in a parliament which has supremacy over the Crown.  What would the Vikings have made of North Sea oil and of British Petroleum? What’s new?

The Text

  • A Viking Warrior always said to his sons that he would leave them no inheritance other than his sword. Therefore confirming that in one sense the son had no choice other than to follow in his father’s footsteps. This meant using only the sword to obtain all his worldly goods. To this end the son was exposed to violence at an early age. (Last sentence added from another source)
  • The Way of The Warrior.  Although warriors made up a small proportion of Scandinavian society the warrior culture was important. Kings and chieftains were expected to appear warlike and strong even if they never fought on the battlefield. Dying in battle was considered a glorious end, whilst a quiet death in bed was considered shameful.

Within the warrior society it was important to be easily recognised. Weapons and armour  were highly distinctive and could have names and reputations of their own. Ornate hilts and scabbard fittings made a sword stand out even when not in use.

Some warriors had tattoos or filed their teeth to create a striking appearance on the battlefield. Some even took the name “Viking” meaning a pirate or raider in Old Norse. Both the warriors and their fearsome appearance probably represented a deliberate rejection1 of the values of society as a whole.

  • The Gods chose the greatest warriors to fight alongside them against their enemies, the giants at the great battle2 at the end of time!
  • A Warrior’s  Needs.3

A boat to be able to glide (in the temporal this suggests stealth, with sails propelled by the gods?)

A sword

A shield

And a lass to kiss. (a rough wooing!)



A Spiritual Reflection on the Text  (please refer to the superscript numbers in red in the text)


1 To what extent are the values of society protected in the political arena in the context of equality and self- determination within our Lord Jesus Christ as the dynamic of both personal and national Destiny?

2 A pagan anticipation of Armageddon?

3 The Warrior’s Needs:  Listed below are the four crucial needs of The Spiritual Warrior Who “fights” as the Gift of Perfect Meekness. These speak of the past being behind us. We are therefore, enabled in Jesus Name alone to accept His Gift of the “here and now” as The Gift of The Future as His “Present”. This bears Witness to Jesus Presence as The Divine Moment of a thousand years.


In the flesh “vessel” but not of it.

 The Sword of The Holy Spirit

 The Shield of Faith

 Divine Wisdom.  (of Proverbs, Ecclesiastics, The Song of Songs and certain Epistles)


The Gift of (as) Divine Meekness is the progenitor (dictionary definition -- political predecessor) of the Gifts as Changelessness, Resolve, and un-Flinching. This Gift requires a death before Life.

Update 14/02/15


On the 4th of February The Scotsman newspaper pulished a two page article entitled " The Revival of Ancient Gods are Just Pick and Mix". The author was relatively flippant about the reivival of the worshp of Odin, the Norse god of war amidst others in Iceland'. He failed to perceive that through time these activities become normalised in society in the same way as same sex marriage and three parent children. Not least in the recently released film "Seven Shades of Grey". Thus the family unit and therefore all society continues to be corrupted.

A prime example of this perversion of God's Law as that of the Cosmic Christ, is to be found in the words of "The Viking Song" as chanted in the streets of Lerwick at the height of the "Up Helly Aa" festival in which a Viking ship is burned. The reader is invited to use Wikipedia to investigate the etymology of this term (scroll down to "meaning") or by entering the term as a search string in Google etc.. The word holiday may be reasonably taken to mean Holy Day from which it is derived. The meaning is thus seen to be "an end to all Holy Days - - especially Christmas Day ". Thus the uwwitting crowds are manipulated unconsciously (for the most part) to the worship of Odin. Worship is defined herein as "the acknowledgement of supremacy". Worship always changes the individual -- for good or ill.

The extant feudal system is one vehicle of this abuse. We need go no further that the two Norman concepts of  Doomsday and Mortgage.(The latter meaning a loan until death). Doom and death (French mort) indeed! Exactly as in the words of " The Viking Song" during the religious festival of "Up Helly Aa". Windsor castle was built by Norman the Conqueror as his spiritual seat of power. The queen regards it as her home and still collects feudal dues from "le signeur" on the Channel island of Sark which is a microcosm of Scotland in terms of land ownership and "rulership" of "le signeur" a spiritual vassal of the Feudal system. Symbolism says it all.

We recall that the queen is subordinate to the Westminster government with its house of Norman "Lords" and  Barons and Baronets.. Is The House of Lords also our Lord Jesus House?

His Witness rests.


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