Two Years until the 700th Anniversary of
The Declaration of Arbroath

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After 698 years, this document remains the definitive statememt of Scottish independence as a nation state. That is to say, not subject to any other temporal monarchy. Regarding religious adherance, it speaks for its own times, It was drafted by the nobility in their own interests and sought the ratification and assistance of a European power. What has changed? What needs to change, what is already changing?

The Work of Muse below provides the definitive, and thus Spiritual answer (resolution) to this quesiton. Please see the notes below the text. Thank you.

The Healer

(Never The Healing)

The Restoration of Spirit is in The Hand of God

The preservation of function in the hand of man

Thus the conservation of Life arises

Therefore, Theos beckons as Destiny

Pathos as man to man's regard

Logos as the Prodigal's Call to Selfhood.

Thus, flesh is but my house

Spirit is my Home --

Therefore, let me be at home --

Upon the earth!



Notes: "The Healing" refers to the individual Spirit, Soul and flesh in that order. It also applies to an individual nation state which has a written Constitution inspired by The Holy Spirit, as distinct from the hand of man. The latter has no regard for the Divine Feminine as Wisdom. She of Proverbs 4 and 8, Ecclesiasties., and The Song of Solomon.

The word "function" refers to the flesh. Therefore the Work is best discerned by the inspiration of Breath whilst the eye reads the text. The words below were inspired as I lay abed at dawn on the second day of Easter 2015 whilst thinking of the above Work. Please regard them as the signature to this  -- what exactly?

Still the night

Holy the Knight

Sleeps the world

Hid from sight.



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