The King and Queen are in "The Altogether"

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Letter sent to The Scotsman Reader's Letters column. 26/04/2013

The “King of Scots”. (Front page Scotsman 25th April). This coverage advocated a second Coronation of Elizabeth in Scotland subsequent to a yes vote in the 2014 Independence Referendum.

To be a King or Queen of Scots the monarchy must be chosen by the people of Scotland. Queen Elizabeth's head on any new Scottish Currency, or the retention of the Pound Sterling will confirm a Scottish head of State over whom the Westminster Cabinet will still have supremacy#. Thus by extension the Holyrood Parliament would remain subordinate to Westminster whilst appearing to be independent. This is constitutionally impossible.
Nichola Sturgeon is on record as stating that the people of Scotland should not only have a vote on independence but we have a right to determine the constitutional options we are to vote upon. Therefore the primary need of the Scottish people after a "yes" vote is an Act of the Scottish Parliament establishing the right of the people to CIRs (Citizen Initiated Referenda).

The first such referendum will establish our right to our own national people's bank with the face of a the monarch chosen by the people on the currency thereof. This bank will not be based upon the global fractional reserve bankng system and its associated usury. It will be based upon the Social Credit financial system developed between the wars by the Scot, C.H. Douglas. This system will establish both true personal and national independence represented by the head of a monarch elected by the Scottish people.
Therefore I call out, as did Hans Christian Anderson that in the absence of an elected Spiritual Monarchy both the King and Queen; and the people of Scotland will be "in the altogether"! Thus we will not be Spiritually "in-dependence" upon our Lord Jesus Christ. We will be subject to the base spiritual will of another!
The core issue is the Spiritual Right to Self Detemination as Destiny. This applies to us as all as individuals, communities and as a Spiritually "in-dependence" Nation State.

# This supremacy is of a base spiritual nature arising from our Norman heritage. The Holy Spirit determines the temporal, not the other way round!

Please see for information on Social Credit which is a financial system not based upon debt. . This is an excellent site with which I have no connection.

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