Letter to Canon Kenyon Wright.Chair of Scottish Constitutional Commission

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A 21st century constitution as a living document must be the Lover of the individual human being as Spirit, Soul and body. Thus we require firstly an elected Spiritual monarchy as Steward of a Church Spiritual in the community. The collective Soul is the Sovereignty of the people together with Statehood ( man’s politics working with business to re-create ). Finally, representing the flesh. we have the community also working with business through a new Spiritually based financial system. Each vertice of these three dimensional triangles will be answerable their counterparts both vertically and horizontally. Please see the diagram of this Constitution in "Latest Update" of 11/04/2014 entitled. "Diagram of 21st Century Constitution."

Letter to:-

Canon Kenyon Wright,                                                                                                                                                              3/08/2012

President of The Scottish Constitutional Commission.(Est. 2000).

Chairman of the 1989 Scottish Constitutional Convention

(Also known as The 1990 Claim of Right)




Psalm 127.1


In Jesus Name I write. Please pray before and after reading. Thank you for your acceptance of the invitation to read this letter.


The Lord’s purpose herein is a to give notice of The resurrection of His Church Spiritual in Scotland manifesting as a Spiritually Independent Nation State. This is the sole determinant of our Destiny and thus of our need for the forthcoming referendum on political independence. This letter focuses upon the Spiritual Constitution of Scotland, and thus to the ultimate temporal description thereof in the final written Constitution. The content relates to the 1989 Scottish Constitutional Convention (Claim of Right) and subsequent related documents identified in the text.


At his point you may wish to refer to my brief personal details in the appendix to put some flesh on the bones so to speak.



  1.  Definitions of words as used herein and the Spiritual issues arising therefrom . The words appear in the documents which were read in the preparation of this Witness of which I am not the author. 
  2. The past as the gift to the present, in the Creation of the future. This theme is portrayed in much greater detail on the Wind of Change website references listed in the appendix.

  3.     Appendix, on page 8 of 8.


1: Definitions.


The politics (plural) of man: the attempt to influence the mind of the state for reasons of self-interest. The few exceptions proving the rule.

The Politic of God: The influencing of the Heart of the nation in service to the nation without exception.

Constitution (in context). The constituent parts of the human being as Spirit, Soul, flesh and the manifestation or otherwise of the Cosmic Christ therein. Thus we have “as within so without”, and “as above, so below”. Therefore, slightly mis-quoting Ghandi, “the changes we seek to bring about in our species must firstly be Created within ourselves”. Firstly within the individual, then as the bedrock of a Spiritually Independent Nation State which is thus totally dependent upon The Cosmic Christ as a community thereof. Amen.


Partisan: The dictionary defines this word initially as “a strong supporter of a party or cause”. In the context of this letter it is defined as Holy Spirituality as Witness before the nations. In relation thereto, the party politics of man are an abomination.  Paul and John The Baptist are thus cited as partisan in the context of this Witness of Whom (not which) I am not the author.


2: The Past as the Gift to The Present in The Creation of The Future


The Past Brought into The Present:


The Spiritual issues arising from the blogs of The Scottish Constitutional Convention and The Scottsh Constitutional Commission (hereafter referred to as Convention, and Commission)


Convention:  page 15.  “The End of Beginning” quote from Hugh McDiarmid.


“He canna Scotland see, wha yet,

Canna see the infinite,

And Scotland in true scale to it”


The response to which is:-


The Mind of God, as the Spirit of Melchizedek, has no beginning or end.

Bearing in mind the title of the “Free Democracy”* page is “Our Kingdom”

Which comes first, The King or The Kingdom?

                                          *(See website thus named)


I recall a ditty of which I am not the author relating to the concepts of Chaos and Systems Thinking.


“For want of a horse shoe the horse was lost

For want of a horse the rider was lost

For want of a rider the battle was lost.

For want of a battle, the Kingdom was lost!”





[Firstly, a reference to your address entitled “Sovereignty –  let the people decide, but how?” published  in the “Our Kingdom” section of the “Open Democracy” website. The last two words of the title are pivotal as the “how” determines the selection; and subsequent manifestation  of the “what”. This is especially so in the Spiritual domain, within which the word “how” has the meaning within whom; man or God?


Third paragraph:” Firmly in our historical constitutional tradition”. As defined under “politic of God” this is our Heart as distinct from our head which is the instrument of the ego manifest through the intellect. Kenyon, I do not pontificate here. I simply share my heart’s experience as a “known”. The 24 inch drop can be an abyss to many as ego recognises it as a Call to its own death. The ego; especially for men is the familiar shore of which all sight must be lost if we are to be enabled as helpless children to discover new oceans.




Para.5 Robert the Bruce or Robert de Brus (Norman French) or Bruys embodied the spirituality of the temporal war of the Norman invasion of Britain, as does Windsor Castle (built by the Normans) to this  day. This was the epicentre of Norman spiritual and temporal power in its time. The monarchy of man is always founded upon violence and maintained by vested interests. Base spirituality in relation to a place remains extant until it is set aside by The Holy Spirit. Therefore, Feudalism is still the hidden temporal skeleton of British spirituality.


The Creation of The Future


 In a recent parliament debate Nichola Sturgeon concluded her address by asking the question “Do we still believe in the fundamental right of the people not just to make choices, but to determine  the choices available to them?”As a politician, Nichola’s use of the word “them” as distinct from the word “us” is highly significant in the Spiritual domain; and therefore also in the temporal.


The Constitutional Commission’s Model Constitution states as a fait accompli that the head of state will be a “ceremonial” office. Spiritual heritage is the determinant of historical heritage, not the other way round, especially by default! We recall that arch deceit is such that the deceived party has no awareness of the deceit either during the act thereof or at any time thereafter!


 What then of the Spirituality which poured forth from the mouth of the last Scottish Covenanter as he stood upon the gallows that “The Monarchy of King Jesus should once again reign in Scotland”. When, not if, a prayer is according to the Will of God it is heard; and if heard then answered, although as we know not necessarily in the manner or time which may be anticipated or expected. Also as we know the answer to a prayer simply awaited the act of prayer. In this case the prayer and answer were, that is to say ARE One and the Same as Prophecy!  Amen


Such is the God given Gift of The Dreaming of the (perceived) impossible Dream; the fighting of the (apparently) invincible foe, and the reaching of (the) Truth as The Unreachable Star.  All three are the Gift of Divine Restfulness, Who not which, is the Gift of Biblical Meekness. Such does not give cognisance to a battle as to do so is to acknowledge an opponent. This in turn is to empower the anti-Christ defined herein as all spirit which is not of God upon earth, or in the spiritual domain.  Amen. Rather, in Jesus Name alone all which is “other” is set aside and thus dies by its own hand. Ultimately the grand lie by its very chosen constitution (law) has to lie unto itself and thus dies by its own hand! This lie is hidden by the lie of self deceit in the finite intellect which seeks to possess the Infinite Mind of God, Who not which is (the) Cosmic Love as the ageless Child of Bethlehem.



Jesus said “I do not come to bring peace, but the Sword”(as The Word of God). There must be a death before all re-birth. Crucifixion of the human ego is The Way to Golgotha. The place of (the death of) the skull.


Para8 first line. “A series of minor miracles”. Miracles are the work of The Mind of God. Therefore, they are neither minor or major, of yesterday, today or tomorrow as time is an illusion of the intellect.


Second last line “I think it is safe to assume that their (the signatories) commitment to the principle of the Claim of Right is beyond doubt”. 20/20 vision does not assume. Either we are actively for God or by default we are actively against Him and Her as One.



First bullet point on page 2. “The British government is so decayed that there is little hope of its being reformed within the framework of its traditional procedures”. Einstein speaking as a physicist stated that an apparently unsolvable problem could only be solved by the (Gift of) a type (Spiritual) of thinking different from that which created the problem.” ie the intellect or emotions. Debono’s “Lateral Thinking” etc is still thinking! Thus man especially, in contrast to the feminine, demands not only to look through the wrong end of the telescope, but to point it at the material Cosmos without; to the exclusion of (the) Cosmos within the tent of flesh. The definite or indefinite article is bracketed as it confirms the dichotomy between the speaker and the Word; and thus the subject and object as in the expression “my life” is such and such, be it judged as a success or failure etc.

Last bullet point, second last line, last two words “Labour Party”. Party politics are of man! They will be set aside by Jesus Will. They are an umbilical cord --- around the neck!


Second set of bullet points; third point. “Some way of formally embedding the powers and position of Scotland’s Parliament”. Sir David Lindsay’s “The Thrie Estaitis” (1552) comes to Heart within which the answer to this quandary is to be found. We recall the price David Lindsay was prepared to pay for the premier performance, before a royal audience, and the standing ovations (and riots I think  of support) it received in modern times when performed in Poland (I think) by a Scottish touring company.


The keystone of the forthcoming Nation State of Scotland will embody (manifest) Creation as God’s intended body, soul and Spirit of the human being. The framework will thus be civic community (Common Unity under God) as its foundation. It will be represented by a three sided “pyramid”.

The triangular base represents the temporal community (the flesh).The points thereof represent The People (culture); Business and economics; and The Church Spiritual (the Saints) – not of Scotland or any other country, but in Scotland. The latter is the resurrected Spirituality of Ninian’s Church being the only church which did not ultimately bend to the will of any other. That is to say to the unholy marriage of the politics of religion; and the religion of politics. Religion herein has the meaning “to worship” and worship has the meaning “to acknowledge supremacy”.


In the political “arena” (a revealing term) all ultimately die. The edifice of the coliseum embraces the spectators as well as the gladiators. The four lesser kingdoms have been mocked herein since the first such edifice was constructed. The stone structure representing the mineral kingdom; the vegetable by the ladies flowers thrown to their favourites and trampled in the blood soaked sawdust. The animal kingdom and human kingdoms in their mutual slaughter neither having any choice in the matter. The national press serve in this arena.  Such are the politics of man. However Jesus as Warrior is beyond memory.


As Divine restfulness He is not of any arena whilst therein; He is (of) Cosmos. Neither is The Kingdom of God (as The Christ within the flesh) mocked. Calvary as the expression of Eternal Being is Joy as the Fulfilment of Love. Amen.


The three points of the second triangle (representing the Soul) are situated between the foundation and apex levels of the “pyramid” they are each above their counterpart on the lower level. These  are respectively; The People (Sovereignty); Statehood; and The Church Spiritual (The Monarchy of The Cosmic Christ manifest through The Holy Spirit.) The apex of this representation of The Spiritually Independent Nation State of any country is The Christ Child as Divine Wisdom. This Being is described (definition is not possible) as the Knowledge and Experience of God and the Power to Act therein. The words “knowledge and experience” are totally outwith their earthly meaning. There is mutual accountability both vertically and horizontally within the framework which is the necessary extension of the Monarchy’s accountability to its Self as resident within the Spirit of the people in (as) the Gift of Grace as Common Unity.

Thus Nature and The Divine Child especially within earthly children will lead us to Civic Community as distinct and set apart from, ethnic nationhood which is a contradiction in terms.


The office of Monarchy will be elective by the people as will the incumbents. Both Queen and King will serve until either is dismissed by the people, or when either party chooses to demit office or dies. There will be no extended civil list.


The perceived battle arising from this Constitutional requirement is that of the choosing of powers and principalities.


Foot of page three. Devo-max as it is now called. In the political arena this can be none other than a (critical) parent / unborn child relationship.


In the Spiritual Realm as Unity; there is no need for an umbilical. The inclusion of a “second question” in a referendum on our total in-Dependence upon our Lord Jesus would ultimately manifest as the thrall of the base spirituality of Europe.


Page 4. “Secure Autonomy”. There is no such thing as security in the attempted global governance by man in the unholy trinity of politics, the religion of man and corporate global business. Neither can there be any Autonomy without; and therefore outwith God.


A thought. The issue of the day is one of our Spiritual identity as individuals. The child thereof is Consciousness and the grandchild Destiny. Consciousness does not refer to the word awareness or earthly intuition. Love is Self--fulfilment. Put another way, The Gift of God is – The Gift of God. “Be ye Perfect as your Mother / Father in Heaven is Perfect”. Man assumes the time and “method” of this Gifting. Meditation is impossible as a human being. This is not to say that it (is it an it?) is impossible for a human being. What is man’s definition of meditation?



Commission Website:  Monthly archive of August 2010 “The Constitution Commission.” Under the heading “Legitimacy”. “In fact only two options were offered”. (in Donald Dewar’s referendum on the establishment of a Scottish Parliament). These were “ Devolution and the status quo.” What now of the Resurrection of Monarchy as the answer to the last Covenanter’s prayer? I do not refer to the monarchy of man. The Sovereignty of the people is nothing other than the forthcoming 21st century Covenant to which Jesus Calls the people of Scotland, including Nichola Sturgeon!


In good faith the Scottish Covenanters authored the text of the covenant of man to God. This was to be signed on parchment. Such also was the 1990 Constitutional Convention Claim of Right. Each of these documents were and remain the essential but imperfect temporal precursors of God’s Will for His and Her Realm of Scotland. God’s Call to the people will be engraved not upon, but within the Heart of those who choose The Blessing of Civic Common Unity. The last Covenanter prayed from the gallows for the return of King Jesus Monarchy in Scotland. The heartache, both Spiritual and material has only begun. Birth is always painful in both Heaven and earth. In the fourth paragraph where the word “chimes” is used. Which bells are being referred to and upon what occasion?



The Commision’s Draft Constitution     ( Please refer to the Preface printed in red as the first paragraph of this document.)


Foot of the first page as printed out from the internet. “Equality, liberty,democracy, accountability etc. “ What of the French egality which cost many heads? Same sex marriage is an identity confusion in the Soul.

It is an attempt to overrule and overturn the Cosmic Marriage of The Divine Feminine and     Masculine. The Mind of God is Unity. “It” is therefore beyond the flesh as male and female. It may embody as Feminine or Masculine. Equality is a construct of the human intellect. Therefore same sex marriage is the perversion of the flesh as the idolatry thereof. I am heterosexual, forty one years married with two sons and three grandchildren. One of “my” most profound Spiritual experiences was with the outpouring of decades of suffering by a young man conveyed in silence and confirmed in words but not of man. This resulted in a profound Spiritual Blessing of both parties which I believe has yet to have its full manifestation. This was twenty years ago during a one week retreat at Iona Abbey. Only The Holy Spirit can address such a deep wound.


Page three. Should there be, will there be a Civil list? Will the Monarchy need protective archers? How will the flesh of the Monarch be addressed? How will Majesty be addressed? Who will decide and why? What is majesty?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Something for the Soul to Ponder: I quote from “The People and Parliament” Project of about twenty years ago (I see no date on the report). I notice  Kenyon that you Convened this project. On page nine there is an indented section in heavy type which summarises the way we see ourselves as to our progress, and stagnation (my word). The last entry refers to our lack of confidence and self-esteem as individuals – and thus as a nation! Therefore a work of Muse is offered below as a  handshake open to all.


Human Beings


To Be or not to Be?

Therein the answer lies!


The question is – Which?

You choose.


But in choosing; think of Being --

Not simply  -- human being!




Finally, a fitting shared recollection of twenty years ago when we first met. At that time I quoted an environmentalist who had stated that “we should regard our dustbin men as environmental consultants”. At the time you said “I’ll remember that one”. I used this quotation at the start of our recent telephone conversation by way of personal introduction. “Yes, I remember that” was your immediate reply”.


Jesus is surely the ultimate servant King in this regard in His role in removing the detritus from the internal environment of our Spirits and Souls in such a way as to leave no earthly “footprint”. However, we still have the work of carrying our refuse bin to the door of our hearts both as individuals and as His Spiritually in- Dependence Nation State. This and this alone is Nation Building by God. Man cannot build anything except chaos. I speak for myself from personal experience. Thank you Kenyon for reading thus far.


I make no assumptions, neither do I make any requests, or anticipate any further contact. I have posted some images from the website and a family photo together with some works of; and therefore by Muse.




As distinct from “the end” this single word heading confirms and affirms the manifestation of Jesus Witness herein. Therefore, it is both a summary of the entire text and a statement of Divine enablement by and of (The) Holy Spirit. Therefore Holy Spirit is both the means and end hereof as Infinity.


The first and final words in all matters therefore remain with Jesus; hence the following Biblical quotation which is the Spiritual complement to the Biblical quotation used as the title of His letter of Witness. Amen. Please refer to Isaiah 43. v18 and v19.




Ian McLean



Footnote:  This letter of Witness should be read in conjunction with the Witness entitled “Scotland’s Spiritual Destiny”. This is published on The Wind of Change website at www.wind-of-change.co.uk. The document is located in the “Latest Updates” section of the navigation bar. It is the first of three documents comprising the update of 23/3/2011. The word “conjunction” in the first line of this footnote has the literal meaning “to be joined with”. Such is Jesus answer to His gift of prayer. Amen.                                                                               




Personal Particulars.


Sixty six years young, forty one years married with three grandchildren. Church of Scotland Elder for eight years until about twelve years ago.


The Elders in Session decided not to use Jesus Name during parish outreach at Christmas as “there may be Muslim families in the parish and we do not want to cause offence.” I could not believe my ears! This was in south Edinburgh those years ago. Such is apostasy. I had charge of outreach as distinct from being in charge of outreach. My position shortly thereafter became untenable. That day the Eldership denied Jesus. Since that time My Lord has led me in the desert in wondrous ways. “You acknowledge Me, and I will acknowledge you”. You deny Me, and ------. My wife is a member of the Roman Catholic Church, our two sons are nominally Catholic.


My background is in personnel. See “The Heart of Community” on the website. (Address below)


I stood as a candidate for The Referendum Party for Edinburgh South in the 1997 Westminster Parliamentary elections. A formative experience indeed. This “party” had a candidate in every constituency in Britain except where the sitting member had an appropriate track record. It would have disbanded upon an Act being passed guaranteeing a referendum on Europe.


Wind of Change website referencesAddress   www.wind-of-change.co.uk

 Please note the hyphens. The 25 megabyte site was created in 2003. All pages can be printed off.


Please visit these references as time permits. Thank you.Those which relate most closely to this text are mentioned first. They all paint the fuller picture. The Works of Muse are an integral part of this Witness. Each speak a thousand words to the ear of the Soul. The locations of the website references are given at the start of each of the references listed below.


Latest Updates: in the following order. 24/03/2011 all three items ideally in the order 1,3,2. Each  was submitted for publication in the national press which upon reflection is now regarded as part of the unholy marriage referred to herein.


Please see also the update of June this year to which one of the postal documents to follow relates.


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