Scotland's Spiritual Destiny

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A Summary of historical Spiritual circumstances and events associated with Scotland's present day need to become a Spiritually "In-Dependence" Nation State as distinct from a secular nation state as a vassal of a European Confederacy.

This in-dependence will be upon our Lord Jesus Christ.

In Jesus Name.

God often uses the weak in body or Spirit as His vessel in a situation of apparent impasse. The Biblical account of David and Goliath is a good example of this regarding a nation’s Destiny.  Such is the Spiritual predicament of the Scottish nation today. Our Destiny however is to be the first nation state in Europe to have a Spiritual as distinct from a temporal Monarchy.

This article exposes the causes of our present national dilemma. It also describes the nature of our “dis-ease” for which the remedy is 21st century Biblical Covenance. It is God Who binds us to His Oath, not the other way around. Scotland’s historical Covenant was in good faith,  however a Biblical Covenant is not signed on parchment.


We identify our infection when we examine the Spirituality of eleven historical events and their associated symbols. Firstly there is the account of Saint Andrew’s association with Scotland. This is stated to have involved the transfer of human bones by the Augustinian Bishop Acca in 732* from Hexham in Northumberland to the town of Kirrymont in Scotland, later named St. Andrews. This was a successful spiritual / political attack upon the sovereignty of Scotland. It was thus an example of the unholy marriage of the politics of religion, and the religion of politics. This was also the planting of a seed which is germinating today. This confirms spirituality as being independent of time.


Early in 2010 the Pope will visit Scotland as head of both the Vatican State and the Church of Rome. This gentleman is to visit St. Andrews and may well visit the assumed relics of St. Andrew. These are on permanent public display in St. Mary’s Cathedral in the centre of our capital city. The flawed spirituality of this forthcoming visit arises from  our King James 4th acceptance of gifts from Pope Julius 2nd in 1494 and 1507. These were respectively a sceptre, and a sword of state. The sword blade is engraved with the Pope’s name.


What was the political and spiritual motivation of a head of a State and Church in the act of giving this highly symbolic gift? What is the purpose of the present Pope’s visit to Scotland? Who is sovereign of Scotland today? The presence of both the sceptre and sword at ceremonial events has been requested several times in recent years. The most significant example was at the opening of The Scottish Parliament. On this occasion the historical Scottish Crown presided physically and Spiritually. This Crown was commissioned by James 4th. Therefore the joint presence of all three historical elements of the Crown Jewels at an opening of Parliament would have been an attack upon the Crown. Therefore it would also have been an attack upon the temporal and Spiritual sovereignty of Scotland. Thus the spiritual powers and principalities who would possess the Celtic Spirit of our nation are exposed by this Witness. What of the so called “Wand” as an element of the Scottish Regalia? It is crowned with a Fleur de Lis. What are the origins of this heraldic symbol? What or who does it represent and why?



The exposition of the flawed spirituality of the myth of Saint Andrew contains one other fact. The dedication by man of his own bones as an act of worship. Worship is defined herein as the acknowledgement of supremacy. In a religious context the word “veneration” is synonymous with worship. This doctrine is not Scriptural and is therefore an abomination, which the dictionary defines as “a detestable object”. This act is the worship of the dead over the living; the Christ crucified over our Risen Lord Jesus! It is therefore a denial not of the fact; but of the Spirituality of Jesus crucifixion!           


What is the source and authority of the narrative of each component of the St. Andrew myth? Who is the source of the saint’s stated wish to be crucified on a diagonal cross? Upon what authority did the present Scottish Government recently adopt the Saltire symbol as the flag of the people of Scotland? Righteous government is the gift of God’s Grace alone! The spirituality of the hoisting of this flag by the First Minister on the eve of St. Andrew’s Day 2009 is expounded in a later paragraph in red type.


The spiritual attack is driven home today. Not by the historical accuracy or otherwise of mythical details, but by the fact of the acceptance of their symbolism by our leaders temporal and spiritual. This is subjection of the people for want of any Witness to the contrary!  The nature of the attack is the spiritual demand for conformity on all matters. The demand for the acceptance of the Roman tonsure by the historic Celtic Church in Scotland is a good example of the incremental use of this demand as a major agent of change.


We progress towards our God gifted Destiny by the discernment of the connection between the spirituality referred to above and the historic seat of The Lord of The Isles at Finlaggan in Islay. This seat was subordinate to Rome. The Gaelic meaning of the name Donald as in Clan Donald is “world ruler”. This arises from the Gaelic name “Domhnall”, containing dummo (world) and “val” (rule). The significance of this flawed spirituality is thus exposed. The last Lord of The Isles gave over his self made Kingship to the King of England at Ardtornish Castle on the Sound of Mull. His primary motive was self-interest as was the case with the entire “Lordship”. There is only one Lord – Jesus Christ! Flawed spirituality is “fickle”. The dictionary defines this word as “having a changeable loyalty”. This temporal lord’s parliament met on the Council Island of Loch Finlaggan. Of those days as of now, we ask whether such a “house of lords” was also part of The Lord’s House from which the people are to be righteously governed?


Our next step through chronos on our road to Kairos is the Norman Conquest. This temporal invasion was the vessel of a medieval spiritual attack as the French nation state is subject to Rome. This spirituality maintains its hold today in the community of Scotland through the extant spirituality of the historical feudal system. Under the spiritual remnant of this system large tracts of the lands of Scotland are still owned by families retaining the French preposition “de” (of) in their name. This spirituality remains in the family expressly or otherwise in legal documents until the French association is voluntarily disowned. For example, The Duke de Buccleuch.            


Our next stop is Haddington, East Lothian, in the sixteenth century. The Scottish Parliament of the day met within the Cistercian Priory associated with this town to ratify a decision. This was to permit the marriage of the infant Mary Queen of Scots to the French Dauphine. But for this King’s untimely death Scotland would have been married to the spirituality of Europe five hundred years ago! The site of the priory is only visible today from the air as crop markings. Recently, in the Gift of Grace of Jesus Name alone, the silent rage of the extant spirituality at this location was heard for the last time. This was also felt recently for the last time at Ardtornish. 


We come now to the present day, to the Holy Ground of the island of Iona. This is the spiritual home of The Iona Community. There is also a Common Unity as Spiritual Guardian of the Spirituality of this Ground. The Abbey shop has a photocopy of a one-page tract entitled “A Touch of Hastings in The Hebrides”. It gives details of a sculpture portraying the Cosmos. An “anonymous donor” gifted this to the Abbey. The Iona Community planted this work in the centre of the Abbey cloisters. The shop is outwith the spiritual jurisdiction of the temporal Iona Community.

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The sculpture is an object of un-Scriptural worship as it portrays an image of the mortal mother of Jesus as the centre of Cosmos. The figure of Jesus, The Son of God and Perfect Spirit as Cosmos is thus spiritually denied in this flawed symbol.  He is placed physically outwith the Cosmic representation. The sculpture has the title “The Descent of The Holy Spirit”. The origins of this spirituality go back to the apostasy of the historic Iona clergy in their acceptance of Roman doctrine during the Abbotship of Adomnan. This flawed spirituality was active in 2004. It was augmented by the chanting of Buddhist monks in the cloisters of the Abbey during the visit of “his holiness” The Dalai Lama to Scotland in that year.


We have two further sites to visit before the canker of our “dis-ease” is fully exposed. These relate to events which took place during 2009. Firstly we discern a claim of right based upon (apparent) might. Such is the 2009 Lisbon Treaty signed by Gordon Brown on behalf of the people of Britain. In contrast, the God given gift of meekness is the claim of our Lord Jesus upon His people! Herein “lies” the spirituality of the European Union in its denial of the spiritual right of the people to claim our Destiny in referenda regarding all major constitutional reform. Secondly, we return to Haddington in the context of this treaty.


On 29th November 2009 the eve of St. Andrew’s day, the First Minister of Scotland Alex Salmond hoisted the Saltire as the assumed flag of Scotland’s people in the market square of Haddington. This town is close to Athelstaneford, the birthplace of the Saltire myth. To hoist a flag is to salute it. Therefore in this act The First Minister of Scotland bound the people of Scotland to the flawed spirituality of the Saltire myth.. The Scottish Executive is subordinate to the Westminster Parliament. Therefore it has now wittingly or otherwise accepted the spirituality of Europe by virtue of Gordon Brown’s signature of The Lisbon Treaty. This flag hoisting is therefore spiritually discerned as the germination in our times of the seed referred to previously planted by Bishop Acca in Scotland in 732.


The root of the canker is now seen to be Rome. What then of the Spiritual and political implications of the Saltire as part of the Union Jack?


The Lion Rampant of Judah is the flag of the Spirit of Scotland and therefore of Her people. It is also the symbol and flag of the resurrected Monarchy of Scotland. The people’s flag has no border. The Monarch’s has two red quadrilaterals forming a border.  Revelation 5.5 expounds in one verse the significance of the phrase “Lion of Judah”.


What is the antidote to our national “dis-ease”? It is said that history repeats itself. The temporal is the manifestation of the Spiritual. Do we therefore await, or are we already Blessed by a 21st century “Re-Creation”as distinct from Scotland’s historical “re-formation”? The latter was drafted by man and signed on parchment? By Whom, and upon what will the Blessing of Re-Creation be written and signed?


For the present let us pause, as incantation, to consider the definition of the politics of man as distinct from The Politic of God. The former is war within the political “arena” in which all ultimately die as in the historical Roman arena. It is defined herein as:-


The attempt to influence the mind of the state for reasons of self interest. The few individual exceptions to this statement through history serve to confirm its veracity.

As The Politic of God cannot be defined, it is therefore described herein as:-

The influencing of the Heart of the Nation, in service to the Nation. God ascends without exception. To this Divine Law there are no exceptions in Heaven or earth.   Amen.




The vessel of this Witness of our Lord Jesus is Ian McLean, one time Elder in the temporal Church of Scotland.



* Source:  The Website of St.Marys’ Cathedral, Edinburgh in which the assumed relics referred to are on permanent public display. A Google search using the string “Augustinian relics of St. Andrew” discloses the “labyrinth of myth”.





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