Scottish Multi-cultual Independence?

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Submission to “Readers Letters” in The Scotsman Newspaper. (published 25/07/2013)

Multi-cultural Independence?

 “British Muslims or Muslim Brits?" Allan Massie's article (“Perspective” The Scotsman 24th July) dramatically highlights the subordinate role of the adjective in political parlance.

In the context of the Scottish referendum on independence we might also ask are we to be independent Scots or Scottish independents; or both?

In the multi-cultural context are we to be Scottish Christians or Christian Scots; or neither? If the former are we to be independent Christians or Christians in-dependence; and if the latter upon Whom or what?


Note: The Scotsman editor changed the above title to “Hard to Say”. I am grateful for this edit as both words of the original title require definition.  They have also become somewhat hackneyed in our endless debate (which hasn’t even started!) upon these issues.


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