The Confederacy of Europe

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To the reader. The text below was sent for publication in the “Reader’s Letters” columns of the Edinburgh based “Scotsman” newspaper in December 2011. The second heading within this piece, entitled “Spiritual Discernment of The Letter of Witness” was not part of the letter sent for publication.

The Confederacy of Europe

In Jesus Name.
"What's missing is a wider account about what kind of politics people want beyond "no" to the cuts". ("You Say you Want a Revolution", Scotland on Sunday 28th November).  This fact is echoed in "Question the Act of Succession, not Settlement" (Scotsman 28th December). The latter put the case for the termination of succession. By default this would also address the issue of Settlement. Seen in the context of "the wider account" referred to in the first line above, this is the subtle advocacy of the termination of temporal monarchy. This will result in the Confederacy of Europe. The reverse side of this headless coin or postage stamp requires the people of Scotland to consider our position regarding both these issues in the context of The Union of The Crowns.
The Oxford Compact Dictionary defines the word confederacy as "a league or alliance". Both these terms embody the concept of war. The article confirming the need for the wider account ended with a plea for a politic which "transcended" the labels of right and left. The politic of man may reasonably be described as the attempt to influence the mind of the state for reasons of self-interest. The few exceptions confirming the rule. Such a politic can never transcend its own divisive nature. The required politic is that which will influence the heart of our yet to be nation state of Scotland in service to the nation -- without exception!
Such politic is not of man.The last of the Scottish Covenanters Witnessed to this Truth from the scaffold in his plea for "King Jesus" Monarchy to reign once again in the hearts, not the heads of the Scottish People. This plea is not in vain. Such is the rule of the Natural Law of Sovereignty by Whom alone all constitutional issues are resolved.
Thus the issue which the people of Scotland will shortly address is that of our need for Spiritual “evolution” (an earthly word) as distinct from temporal revolution. This is the fundamental constitutional issue of today to which all other issues, domestic and international are subordinate.  Amen.


Spiritual Discernment of the letter of Witness


The birth and upbringing of a child requires the community (common-unity) of two families. Similarly, the Creation and Blessing of a Spiritual Nation State follows from the Marriage of Heaven and Earth. There are many spiritual (small “s”) perspectives; deceits and falsehoods regarding this epochal event and State of Being which relates to the Spiritual development of the human race.


Such a State is in this world, but not of it. The foundation stone is the Resurrection of the historical Church Spiritual which is not “of” any country as in “The Church of Scotland” which is a denomination of the Church temporal. In Biblical terminology the Church Spiritual is “the Rock” upon which Jesus Willed His Church to be; not built, but established (forever). God alone establishes The Church. This is an aspect of “Heiros Gamos”, a much maligned, corrupted and little understood term. It is reflected in The Song of Songs which also speaks of The Christ as Groom entering The Church as His Bride.


This is a Cosmic Principle which brings about the Unification of Spirit as Creator and Creatrix. This Union expresses itself upon earth in the Creation of Community through national and international atonement. It also speaks of the atonement of the individual’s Spirit to God, Who as Creator is beyond human gender. The phrases “as above so below” and “as within so without” bear much consideration in this regard.


We speak here of the Gift of Grace of the Divine enablement of the “crucifixion” of the flesh. That is, The Road to our individual Golgotha. This death precedes the second birth of which Jesus spoke to the Pharisee in the watches of the night. Jesus physical crucifixion thus lives within the Soul as does His Resurrection. All life must be preceded by a death. Jesus Crucifixion was the Divine Witness to this Cosmic Principle of which the “big bang” is the material manifestation. The second death is that of the Soul having given itself to terminal evil. Physical death is the first death.


The only Established Church is the global Church Spiritual; not which but Who underpins the necessary and faithful strivings of the Soul to apprehend God. This is the road to Golgotha which is a Gift of Grace walked with God – in aloneness. It is the 21st century Covenant of which the historical Covenant of Scotland was a Blessed earnest. The Soul does not sign a parchment drafted by a human hand, however well meant. Neither does the Biblical fall set aside Paradise regained  -- as Eden. Amen.


Regarding Scotland; the 6th century Church Spiritual of Ninian will be resurrected in a 21st Century Blessing and Covenant to those who so choose. This statement relates to the end time Prophecies of Revelation. In particular to Revelation chapter 12. Ninian’s Church was unique in that it did not bend under the yoke of any other. There being only one God. Jesus Christ. Amen.


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