The Radical Way (Sequel to "Scotland's Spiritual Destiny")

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The Radical Way

(This Article is the Sequel to “The Spiritual Destiny of Scotland”)


In Jesus Name.


The dictionary defines the word radical as “of the roots”. The Biblical prodigal returns to her or his roots in the Spiritual family. This Spiritual quest is wrongly perceived by the status quo to be a radical departure from orthodoxy. The Greek root of the word orthodox is “doxa” meaning opinion. The prodigal’s roots are planted in The Holy Spirit, not in man’s flawed perception or opinion. Therefore our 21st century prodigal quest will not be governed by status, either political or ecclesiastical. It will be led by the Spirituality of Biblical meekness as the gift of God’s Grace.


The apostate departure of the church temporal is revealed not in the desertion of its Father in Jesus, but in it’s denial of its Mother as Biblical Wisdom. This dilemma is expounded by a detailed examination of the apostate way of the church in Scotland at parish and national level. This in turn leads us to Europe as a spiritual domain. Finally, this article considers the resolution of our national dis-ease. This will be Scotland’s 21st century Biblical Covenance of which the 1638 National Covenant was an earnest.


The prodigal leaves home as an act of self expression whereas the church temporal has left its roots in The Holy Spirit. It has therefore, in its patriarchy lost all recollection of the only way home. The church temporal denies the Heavenly family unit of Mother, Father and Child as the Divine building block of earthly Common Unity. The Hebrew name for God is Elohim. This has the feminine form Elowah. Similarly, Ruach, the Hebrew word for Holy Spirit is associated with the feminine. In Genesis 1.26/7 God says “let us make man in Our image according to Our likeness” – in the image of God He created him male and female (KJV).


To whom does the word “Our” refer if not to His other half! Note the capital letter O in each use of the word Our. Thus the issue of polytheism does not arise. Nor is there an issue of gender as God is seen in this quotation to be above His or Her creation. The patriarchal culture of Biblical times saw God only as He. This is understandable. This is no more or less pagan than the use of the pronoun She referring to Biblical Wisdom. “She who calls out at the gates and is ignored”. This does not imply Goddess worship which maintains that God is exclusively feminine. Nor does it embrace the cult of Mariolatry.


Where is the preaching of and by Wisdom to be found within the church temporal today? By association where are the manifest works of The Holy Spirit? Some readers may recall the verbal reaction in 1984 to the General Assembly committee report on the use of the phrase “Mother God” in a prayer by the President of the Women’s’ Guild. The writer also testifies to his experience of the Feminine as Holy Spirit.



 At parish level the writer testifies to three examples  from different parishes of the way in which the vacuum left by apostasy is filled. Firstly, the denial of Jesus by an Eldership in formal Session in its decision not to use His name in parish outreach at Christmas. The rationalisation given was that His name may cause offence to a Muslim family. This was ten years ago! Secondly, the positive advocacy as distinct from the opportunity of a congregational debate on the much publicised American paperback “The Shack”1. This book contains four heresies. Modalism, God The Father being fully human in the incarnate Jesus. Equality, that to say no deference within the Trinity. Craven (debased) images in the illustrations. For example, God depicted as an old man. God is not a man, therefore neither can He age. Finally there is Goddess worship combined with worship of the flesh in the illustration of The Holy Spirit as a woman.


The third parish example is the introduction in October 2009 of the Roman usage of statement and response relating to Bible readings during a service of worship. These are “this is the Word of God”stated by a member of the congregation as the reader. The required congregational response is “Thanks be to God”. The congregation were instructed to implement this usage without notice or debate. The justification given in the same “breath” as the instruction was that “it is good to say thank you.” A truth masking a deception. The reader’s statement is redundant as the reader is seen to have read from the Bible. The significance of the response does not lie in the temporal meaning of the words, but in the demanded conformity and compliance of reader and congregation in the spiritual implementation of the form of this Roman usage. A verbal Witness to this effect during a service was openly denied by the minister and a kindred spirit. We do well to remember that Witness never returns unto its Self empty.


The church in this example has a large stained glass window in the bottom left of which is a representation of Roman soldiers holding aloft a labarum. This form of banner is supported by a central pole and cross piece. The banner displaying The Chi Rho symbol of the Christ hangs from the cross piece, apparently confirming the Christianity of the Emperor. The Roman Eagle stands sentinel at the top of the vertical. It is thus placed above the symbol of The Christ. This is a visual heresy. Jesus The Christ as Unity is not of the Roman political arena. Nor is the Chi Rho symbol subordinate to any temporal or heavenly power.


Pilate as the Emperor’s representative commanded that this position on Jesus Cross be given to a piece of mocking parchment.  This juxtaposition has great spiritual significance today. Who died to The Holy Spirit when Jesus stood as Silence before his temporal judge? Who will remove the stain from the glass? There is a present day reflection of this falsehood in the parish concerned. The name of the church has the word “priest” as the first part of its name. The window and the name taken together disclose a repeated  spiritual attempt to place the symbol of Rome above Jesus Christ Himself. This  flawed spirituality remains extant through time until it is set apart by Jesus The Christ.


At national level parishes are now required to introduce change through such endeavours as the “Fresh Expressions” outreach. This is referred to as an “incarnational mission” in the promotional material on the internet. It is described as such during the training courses for this mission in Scotland.  The dictionary states that a mission is usually assigned.

God as Unity has no “other” to assign to. He offers inclusion in His Will. It is His gift of Grace alone which enables us to accept this offer. Thus He prepares the called, as distinct from calling the prepared. There is no such word as incarnational.  It is a spiritual corruption. If incarnate is the word intended, then why is this word not used and fully explained in context. In this same gift of Grace we are enabled to Spiritually discern who has assigned this mission, and therefore who is incarnate therein.

The root cause of this denial of The Holy Spirit and Biblical Wisdom is She, working through patriarchy  who “rides the beast” of Revelation 17.2 This is confirmed Spiritually be the fact that the word fellow as in fellowship is unique in having no female counterpart as does every other word designating gender. For example, Boy / girl; lad / lass; sir /madam etc. Thus the term “Christian fellowship”, whilst well meant is self contradictory as it masks the patriarchal denial of the Cosmic feminine; She of Revelation 12 as Biblical Wisdom. Thus this denial is present also upon earth in church, state and society.


The origin of our national apostasy lies within the context of historical Europe and the unholy marriage of the religion of politcs; to the politics of religion. This is manifest today in the joint control of The European Union by the Vatican state and Roman Church working as one. The beast and woman respectively. The European Union is the beast. The Roman establishment therein consisting of the Vatican (political state) and the Roman church is the woman. (see refrences).This woman, Mary the mortal mother of the man Jesus is she who is worshipped within the Roman Catholic Church as the (Divine) Mother of God. This is heresy. The flesh cannot give birth to Spirit, let alone The Christ! She is also styled “Queen of Heaven”. She it is who would do battle with The Feminine aspect of The Divine, namely Biblical Wisdom of Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, The Song, certain Epistles and Revelation 12. She  who “calls out at the city gates and is ignored”; not for much longer! She who in her own words describes Herself as “God’s delight at Creation”.(Sistine Chapel). Hegemony has Her as "His master craftsman at Creation".Where is Her teaching within the Church temporal today?


This article does not permit an exposition of this pivotal spiritual attack upon the forthcoming resurrection of The Church Spiritual in (not of) Europe. The writer does not seek to convince the reader. An internet search using the information given in the reference section3 provides photographic evidence of the symbolic Rape of Europa and the resurrected spirituality of the Tower of Babel. These myths4 are ideologies as is Mohammedism each of which seek to dominate the planet. This statement is not based upon opinion. It arises from Spiritual experience. The guests at this unholy marriage of religion and politics were the “kings” who signed the 2009 Lisbon Treaty. Midst this enthrallment of Europe what prodigal quest has Jesus set before the country of Scotland, and one other?


Nothing short of the 21st century “homecoming” of God’s Biblical Covenance with Scotland and Montenegro5. God binds us to His Covenant Oath not by our signature on parchment, but by His Divine enablement of our acceptance of Her or His handshake. Thus our name is writ upon God’s Sceptre. As God is Unity it is not possible for us to bind ourselves to Her Oath as “other”. This would perpetuate the dichotomy of the Biblical fall. Why Scotland and Montenegro?

The name “Pict” was given to the Celts of north Britain by the Roman military invaders. Opinion has it that this was to identify a worthy opponent to be duly defeated by the Emperor of the day. It was this worthy warrior who mostly single handedly held back the ideology of Rome from north and west Scotland. Similarly in historic times it was Montenegro in the Balkans which single-handedly held back the Ottoman ideology for five hundred years, thus blocking its intrusion into central Europe. Each country has its highlands and spiritually flawed Clan system to this day. Montenegro had a referendum in 2006 and is now an independent nation state. It struggles as a republic. Plato suggests that even the democracy of “man” is one step removed from tyranny. In contrast Scotland will be Blessed by our “in-dependence” upon our Lord Jesus.


Such in-dependence is only manifest through a Spiritually appointed Monarchy. “Give us a King the people cried”.  In the 21st century this expressed will of the sovereignty of the people calls forth the Christ within; the Cosmic Christ. The star of David symbolises this Being. The phrases “as above, so below” and “as within, so without” describe the religious and political state of this Being. One of Ghandi’s convictions was that the changes we seek to bring about in society must firstly be gifted within ourselves. This truth applies firstly to us all as individuals and thus to our epochal change from a country not simply to a state; but to a Spiritual nation state. That is, the state of Being in dependence upon; as distinct from being independent of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.


This national homecoming is embarked upon in the gift of Grace alone. It is the Will of the Christ Child within as the enablement not simply of listening for the still small voice; but hearing Her – and responding to Wisdom’s Call. Thus, and only thus do we as mortal adults enter into the new Kingdom. So also do our physical children – as our guides! Thus the resurrected Pictish Church of Ninian will birth its child in the 21st century as the vessel of Spiritual Monarchy. The apostate rule of the Highland Clan system in both Scotland and Montenegro is dying even now. It will be re-birthed as the Child and vessel of The Pictish Church Spiritual, not of Scotland, but in Scotland and in God’s time – globally. The Clans will be akin to Ninian’s “muinters”, but as larger Highland families forming Common Unity in society at large.


The term “Bride of Christ” applies not only to Jesus Church upon earth, but to the individual Christed Soul of Whom the world knows not. The purpose of the Radical Way is the Glorification of God. The motivation is the Gift of Destiny, individual and national. The Blessing is the crucifixion of the flesh, again of which the world knows nothing. It is the death of the fallen ego, the snuffing out of the old lamp. What then of the new lamp? God knows!


Since the Biblical fall the battle has been for The Holy Spirit, both as the means to and  the manifestation of Destiny. This Truth is the outworking of the mutually exclusive definitions of the politics of man, and The Politic of God. These were described as the conclusion to the previous article. Such is Destiny as The Radical Way – to Biblical Covenance. This Way is therefore seen to be The Way as taught by Jesus our Lord whilst incarnate. Covenance is the earnest of the Second Coming along The Way to individual and national Destiny. The One Who comes as the Biblical “thief in the night” to steal our heart – His Way.





  • Enter the search string “The Shack” in Google. The sixteenth item entitled “video results for the Shack” has two video items. Select the left hand video. This is dated 10th April 2008 and is billed as 8 minutes duration. The thumbnail shows a photograph of the speaker against a dull red background. The significance of this video is its illustration of the extent to which the vacuum left by apostasy is filled by idolatry.


  • “A Woman Rides The Beast”  by Dave Hunt (1994)


  • Using “Google” enter the search string “European Parliament Building and the Tower of Babel.” The sixth entry on the screen is entitled “Sinister Sites”. The writer does not seek to convince the reader. We must each discern for ourselves, Spiritually. The entry includes a photograph of the Parliamentary Building as well as the sculpture of The Rape of Europa. The question is why such apparently inappropriate symbols form the very building and entrance to the E.U. Headquarters? The latter is situated of all places outside the Winston Churchill Building. The very man whose symbol was “V” for victory. God is not mocked!

              The other entries on the first screen are also of interest.


  • Myth: a traditional narrative usually involving supernatural (or imaginary) persons. Brackets added by writer. Oxford Compact dictionary.





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