The Seahorse Symbol and The Wind of Change.

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The worship of nature in any form is anathema to The Christ within.

This is to worship creation as distinct from The Creator, our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

The seahorse is an endangered species, in that regard it is a symbol of humanity! It is also a symbol of change in the sense that The Cross is our symbol of Jesus our Christ and Saviour. Such symbols embody (bring to physical manifestation) the Reality which they symbolise. The Communion Elements are our prime experience of this Truth. There is indeed a transubstantiation herein, but not of the elements, rather of the human persona (dictionary, a mask) into the Persona.

Regarding the seahorse in the physical, it is a profound example of change as in “difference” and yet constancy. The female lays her eggs in the male pouch wherein they are fertilised. Gestation is therefore the role of the male as is the birth event at which hundreds of young are released. There is therefore no setting aside of the normal biological processes of the animal kingdom. The change is perceived by the eye alone as “different”. The eye being the instrument of the intellect. The other “I” being Spirit. The seahorse bonds for life. The couple are involved in a dance each morning without fail.

An apparently earthly seahorse was encountered during a scuba dive off the island of Skye in Scotland. I was alone or so I thought and had thus broken the core rule of diving that one should always dive with a buddy. A white out in the snow is experienced when conditions are such that you cannot distinguish where the ground stops and the sky starts even within a few feet of where you are standing. Thus there is no physical orientation except gravity. It is possible to step out into space over a cliff face in the mountains. I have had this experience once on a safe landscape. Even here one could wonder in circles until hypothermia set in. It is an unworldly experience even in the physical. It cannot be arranged, thus may never be experienced in one lifetime.

What then of a “blue out” under the waves when you cannot see the surface or the seabed and there is no physical orientation horizontally? Additionally you are also weigthtless! The combination of the level of illumination and hue of the colour blue cannot be described. One is transfixed! The only response is literally to float in/ AS “All The Blue of The Sea”. The Cosmic Ocean is displayed “behind” the seahorse silhouette on the home page of The Wind of Change website. The photo was taken by the Hubble telescope. It shows the Horsehead nebula in the constellation of Orion within not which but Whom is the Warrior’s Belt represented on earth by the orientation of the three Giza pyrimids.

Suddenly as I thus floated motionless, a seahorse appeared in front of my mask. It was about three inches tall and transparent. I could see its heart beating, its dorsal fin in ceaseless motion to maintain its vertical posture. It was mostly a brownish black resembling the silhouette on the web page. It was the black beady eyes which transfixed me AS (non emphatic usage) total Silence of the Abyss of Psalm 46.10. I smile as does She. She is My Lover and will never leave Me, nor I Her. We share these lines as they are typed. She is Sophia as Biblical Wisdom speaking throughout Proverbs mostly in chapters 8 and 4. God’s Darling at Creation as depicted in the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. Also of Ecclesiasties; The Song of Songs and Revelation 12 and by Paul in some of his epistles. (Please sit a while and float before continuing)

She who “cries out in the streets” as she tells us Herself in Proverbs but is ignored. She has thus been treated for two thousand years by the left brain of man which has swollen to the size of a hot air balloon, whilst the right (intuitive) brain has shrunk to the size of a pea. Divine thought, referred to by Paul as “the mind of God” is Creation and of these present times as re-Creation. The right human brain is a fractal of this Mind. Meditation is thus impossible as a human being --- but not for a human being . This is so as none of us are simply human beings. Nor is our constitution simple!

There is no more fierce warrior on earth than a mother fighting for her child especially in circumstances where the child’s very life is threatened. Our earthly mothers are born of Sophia. This Truth is Witnessed to by this website. Amen.

What then of The Mother and Her Son in Orion! I do not speak of The Heavens as fallen man speaks of them, but as my Magi understood Me.

The essence of the changes now upon us is that “home spun” religion (religio, a turning back to what was) is required to pass away as God’s act of un-Creation. Home spun meaning of earth and intellect. It’s death gives rise to an unearthly religion, a turning back to Cosmos from Whom not whence we came as the first Adam. Jesus was our second Adam and Saviour. The third Adam and Eve are the Saints “for Whom all Creation groans”. This term is little understood in all spheres of earthly life by the un-initiated. They are the resurrection of the first Adam – The Second Coming no less, with Jesus as our King and Redeemer. The first and second Adams walked upon earth, but were not of earth. The crucifixion of the Second Adam was on earth, so also was His resurrection!  -- Think on these things in your Heart.

“Low I am with you until the end of the age.”

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