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Two Years until The 700th Anniversary of the Declaration of Arbroath.

(Please see also the updates of 8/05/2013 (No. 1) entitled "The Claim of Right and the Rightful Claimant"; and that of 03/02/2017

No.1. "A 21st Century Exposition of The Declaration of Arbroath")


The 21st Century Enlightenment and Reformation of Scotland as a Spiritually "In-Dependence" Nation State. This dependence being upon The Lord Jesus Christ alone.

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1. A 21st Century Exposition of The Declaration of Arbroath (1320)

2. The Destiny of Modern Day Scots and The Land Thereof.

3. The 21st Century Enlightenment and Reformation of Scotland



A short text of Viking (Norman) Philsophy as it relates to present day politics and religion in present day Scotland.


A Diagram of the 21st Century Scottish Constitution -- of the forthcoming Spiritually In-Dependence Scottish Nation State

On screen magnification may be an issue when viewing this diagram. Left click to enlarge or click on browser icon for this page in the task bar at the foot of your screen. . The associated letter to Cannon Kenyon Wright refers. Please see the entry below dated 08/05/2013 item No.3 entitled Letter to Canon Kenyon Wright, Chair of Scottish Constitutional Commission. Thank you.

The Church Spiritual within this diagram is that of the Resurrected Pictish Church Spiritual of Ninian. Please pray for The Scottish Nation as an exemplar to the nations of Europe, and the world..



Copy of a letter to The Leader of The Iona Community dated 23/08/2013 being an exposition of the base spirituality of the sculpture in the Iona Abbey cloisters. . Please refer to the very end of Current Issue No.1. (select Current Issues from the navigation bar at the top of this page). Scroll down to the very end of this document. .At this location there is a hyperlink text menu from which the five pertinent documents may be accessed.


Multi-cultural Independence?  Letter published in "The Scotsman" Reader's Letters page on 26/07/13

08/05/2013  Scottish Independence

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1. The Claim of Right and The Rightful Claimant. (Circular to six public figures regarding the Monarchy of Scotand)

2. The King and Queen are in "The Altogether" ( Submitted to Reader's Letters. The Scotsman 26/04/2013)

3. Letter to Canon Wright, Chair of The Constitutional Commission (03/08/2012)


Please select in turn by clicking on each of the related articles below.

1. The Spiritual Destiny of Scotland

2. The Radical Way ( The sequel to article No.1)

3. The Confederacy of Europe.

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Wednesday 22nd October 2008. Current Issue No. 12 published. Please click on "Current Issues" in the navigation bar above and select No.12 .

"The Pictish Kingdom and Church Spiritual which Scotland has forgotten."

An open letter to "The Flag in The Wind" - The on line version of "The Scots Independent" (Newspapers) Ltd. Stirling.


The historical perspective as a chronology of Spiritual events / Our present times - please see "A Manifesto" on this site / Nationalism -  A Flawed global Ideology  / The spiritual significance of temporal patriarchy since megalithic times / Sophia as Biblical Wisdom - The 18" drop from head to Heart. / / The Need for an international Covenant as distinct from the 1997 Kyoto Protocol  / Heiros Gammos / The Divine Child of Sophia - The Christ within / The enablement of The Cosmic Christ within the physical child and adult.


Monday, April 28th, 2008

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