The Bride

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The Bride as The Church Spiritual as distinct from the church temporal. In these times this refers to Ruach as Biblical Wisdom*, God's "delight at Creation" KJV. (Pro.8 22-31)

References: Proverbs chapters 4 and 8; Psalms 46.4-6 inclusive. Ecclesiastes;  Song of Songs;  Certain Epistles;  Revelation chapter 12. Revelation 22.16 and 17, using "let him and her who hears say come". This is not an exhaustive list.

Preface: Some of the content of these pages may be considered  controversial or even contentious. They may also be perceived as meaningless by  some. No proof is offered where it may be expected by the intellect. None is needed, as Truth speaks for and by its Self when the Soul is not only ready to listen, but to hear. Many will reject themselves in the rejection of this Witness. None of the foregoing will alter the manifestation of The Blessing. Amen.


Please see menu item No.1(below) "The Christian Pictish and Scotic Churches in Alba (circa 670)

This site (not the  building) on the west coast of Scotland was established in the seventh century by Saint Maelrubha of Bangor in northern Ireland. This in turn was founded by clerics from St. Ninians muinntir* at Candida Casa in Whithorn in Galloway in southern (modern) Scotland.Whilst it stands in the geographical border lands between the Scotic and Pictish Christian Churches it can be  regarded as a Pictish site as it was outwith the political domain of St. Columba's Dalriada. There  were many such Pictish church sites throughout what is now Scotland. The Pictish Church preceded the Scotic Church of Saint Columba (two buildings in total) by about three hundred years and post dated it, laterally in isolated muinntirs by about seven hundred years. The Church of Columba, as founded in his own time, lasted for about one hundred and fifty years. It was set aside at The Synod of Whitby. The building in the photo dates from the 13th  century and was structurally stabilised  twice in the  twentieth century. It was recently Spiritually  resurrected. It therefore follows that:-


                                                          History is written by the (apparent) victor:

                                                                                       In matters temporal and ecclesiastical --

                                                          Truth is written in the Sands of Time

                                                          By the Hand of God as wrote upon the wall --


                                                                            Now the tide comes in apace.


* muinntir:- historically a clerical community of the church



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                                          1. The Christian Pictish and Scotic Churches(circa AD 400-1400)            

                                          2. The need of the people today.(See also Current Issues Nos. 9 and 10

                                                   3. The Individual and Collective Human Predicament

                                          4. The Mystical  Marriage

                                          5. The Resurrection of The Pictish Church Spiritual in present day Alba

                                          6. The Priest of man or God? Melchizedek; Eli; and Zadok

                                                         7 The "Celtic" Spirit Today as Europe's Deliverance              

                                          8. Forthcoming issues for individuals and the religion of "man"

                                                   (a) . Global Ecumenism as Cosmos. Amen. (The Lord's Will be)

                                                  (b) . Human Sexuality.

                                                   (c)   The Holy Spirit and Scotland's National Constitution (September 15th 2014)




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