Corporate Visioning

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1) The Wind of Change

2) About the Wind of Change

3) How does the Wind of Change blow?

4) Experiences of the Spirit of Community:

Aristotle: "The Soul never moves without a picture"


Does your organisation have tunnel vision?



To create the building blocks of your organisation's own future. Without vision you merely exist as part of someone else's objective.


Visioning is the articulation of an organisation's core values together with the associated mission and goals which are derived from these values. The leadership team must be involved in the compilation of the vision if it is to gain their commitment and be accepted throughout the organisation.

  • Values: The fundamental beliefs the organisation stands for.
  • Mission: What we are, and what we want to be.
  • Goals: What we are committed to, and where we are going.

Power is the leader's capacity to translate his or her vision and associated values into reality, and to sustain them within the organisation. To have faith in our own future competences as members of our organisation we must firstly believe in ourselves and our colleagues not only within the organisation, but within the community.

In this ever-changing world core values are the only thing that need not change. Values determine company culture, structure and effectiveness.


The event builds upon the concept of the Learning Organisation. A consequence of learning how to learn is an increased awareness of one's true self, and what you really believe in. This usually results in a need for the leadership team to clarify its core values "with respect" to the organisation as a learning community and consequently as an agency of profit optimisation.

The leadership team meet for three days over a period of three months to articulate the vision. This work is preceded by data collection from individuals on company performance and "the way things are" at present. Individuals are assigned responsibility for specific goals according to their specialism. The promotion of the vision is also planned and carried out by the team together with long-term monitoring against the vision statement.

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Sharing values, drafting mission etc.: Lets All Pull Together
Consensus Vision & Reality: Enlightened "Tunnel" Vision
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Letting Others "See" The Vision: The Light At The End of The Tunnel

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