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Twelve Current Issues Relating to The Kingdom and Monarchy of Scotland

(These remain current until they are resolved; and this not by "man")


Select an issue from the list below, scrolling down if necessary.

( Please click on the words "current issue" except for Issues Nos. 5 to 7 for which the text is the Biblical reference itself )


  • Current issue 1: Government or Governance within the heart of the Iona Community? (Scotland) - correspondence with                                       Kathy Galloway, Leader of The Iona Community and Wendy Alexander Member of The Scottish Parliament..  
  • Current issue 2: The Original Columban Church up to the Abbotship of Adamnan and --

                                             The Present Day Spirituality and Politics of Europe.                          

  • Current issue 3: The Grey Goo of Inclusion - - An Open Letter to Kathy Galloway, Leader of The Iona Community. (Scotland)

                                              Please see also "Christ the Man of Sorrows" in the photo album on this site.

  • Current Issue 5The Commission -- Isaiah Chapter 6
  • Current Issue 6   The Witness -- 2 Corinthians, Chapter 13, verses 1-14 inclusive.
  • Current Issue 7   A New Beginning -- Exodus Chapter 23 , verses 25-32 inclusive
  • Current Issue 8  no longer relevant
  • Current Issue 9    The Spiritual Assault on The Scottish Parliament mediated through The Dalai Lama (2/6/04)
  • Current Issue 10  The Identification and Building of The Church Spiritual - - In Alba in These Times. (Published Dec. 04)

                                                This Current Issue is the result and outworking of all previous Current Issues.  cf "The Bride".   Amen.

  • Current Issue 11  Witness before The Christian Church Temporal : The Sabbath and Jesus Words "It is finished" (Apr. 06)
  • Current Issue 12  Dalriada / Alba; The Pictish Kingdom and Celtic Church Spiritual which Scotland has forgotten!


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