Groups into Teams

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1) The Wind of Change

2) About the Wind of Change

3) How does the Wind of Change blow?

4) Experiences of the Spirit of Community:

Team Working is a Science — Team Spirit is an Art!

In search of the team's "own goal"


To build upon an awareness of the individual's true self who may then contribute to, and learn from the team. This in turn ensures autonomous team development.


This is the first in a series of learning experiences designed to create ownership of the lessons learned from the largely self generated programme. The framework outlined below sets the scene. As individual team members increasingly accept responsibility for their own development the content will vary within a democratic process.

The event is to be regarded very much as work as at the usual "place of work", although the emphasis is on the human , or "process" aspect of work as distinct from the task or associated procedures.

Two days are spent as a team in "no frills" accommodation. The event is not (necessarily) a reward for work well done, but an individual investment of your time in your career and the organisation . The goal is to build a working relationship between the individual and the team based upon a mutual promise to give and receive of your best.

This is the essence of team working as distinct from taking what you can get . This will always be less than what you can receive in good faith! Don't believe all you hear, -- experience it! Actions speak louder than words!


Each topic is an experiential learning event rather than talk and theory. A simple learning cycle is offered at each stage and suggestions given as to how this might be used..
The event uses "live" information in the here and now, but is not contrived in any way. Nor is it a variation on Sensitivity Training which is regarded as destructive.
Use may be made of the outdoors, by agreement within the team. This will involve observation skills as distinct from "body building" survival courses! We seek to build inner strength in the heart of the team .

Let your light shine!
Who I am: Personal Introductions
Don't I know you? What makes us tick as a group?
Decision making (I think!): "To Be or not To Be" (a team)
Picture this! The Way we Are (Group Dynamics)
Lean on me: Systems within teams (small groups)

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