How does The Wind of Change blow?

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1) The Wind of Change

2) About the Wind of Change

3) How does the Wind of Change blow?

4) Experiences of the Spirit of Community:

What does it do?

Run courses? No. It creates opportunities for its working partners (clients) in an ongoing learning experience not just to run their businesses, but to be their businesses.
Do you run your business, or does your busy-ness run you?

Community spirit is the heart of all business. Only in this spirit can you be with your supplier, potential competitor, and customer — all of whom represent the community of which your business is an important part. Business needs are the needs of the community, not just our busy-ness needs!

In this way potential communities create their own future —— happiness!

What is the product?

Genuine business community, defined as individuals recognising the heart-felt needs of other individuals and hence the collective will. That — is the heart of the matter! If you haven't tried this approach, and have doubts about the worth of your personal contribution or where your business is going , you have just identified your need for change!

What Wind of Change expects

The same thing it gives to its working partners — faith in themselves.

Where Wind of Change blows

Within the "environment business" to meet the need for local conservation of the human and physical community. This results from the business community sharing responsibility for the health and growth of the broader community.

How The Wind blows

By recognising the fact that sustainable growth versus sustainable change — in people, the polluters. Any permanent change therefore has to start with people. Grants and technical conservation initiatives which are implemented primarily for an immediate monetary payback don't change people. In terms of motivation that is nothing more than profit conservation!

Pollution results from the way we think, ie. with our heads and not with our hearts. There can be no sustainable life, never mind growth on planet earth unless we change our way of thinking.

Thinking with the heart is a risky business, so is thinking with a head buried in the sand of an environmental Armageddon.

Learning experiences include tailored events as part of an ongoing relationship which models the end product , namely community. Partners define the dynamic of the end product for and by themselves as the relationship develops. You are therefore in control. This model is then transferred to the partner's business community where it is reproduced to meet the business needs of that local community by the establishment of strategic relationships between a number of stakeholders such as suppliers; customers; and tomorrow's customers as young people in the community whose creativity is not yet polluted by restrictive business ( maximum profit) techniques.

Who are Wind of Change partners?

Individuals and organisations who are willing to move away from restrictive solely cash-based cost/benefit analyses and deals up front. Such techniques have got us where we are today.

People who are willing to risk moving towards trust and co-operation with like minded souls for the benefit of the community and therefore themselves.

Thinkers who are willing to admit that they don't know the answers, and who not only recognise but accept that more of the same thinking and action just isn't working. Who agree that ultimately we have nothing to lose by change — except our own fear of failure, which is guaranteed if we don' t change.

Why bother to change?

Simply because it's the correct (and only) thing to do. It dosn't matter who is or is not doing whatever. The buck starts with us all as individuals!

Sooner or later success begins with the person who says not so much "I can", but "I AM" my own future, and that of my children whom I rate more highly than maximum profit.

Only in this way will :-

The Environment Business become a model Business Environment.

The Busy-ness Environment — Oh to be free!

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