Introduction to the Wind of Change

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1 What is the Wind of Change?

The Spirit of Community in the tradition of the Hebrew "Ruach", meaning breath or wind bringing together the five Kingdoms as the Common-Unity of One.

2 What do we do?

We work together within business, Spiritual groups, and with young people towards a global business renaissance serving both humanity and the planet.

3 What do we seek to change?

Our dependency upon our heads instead of our hearts; upon individual power and control instead of trust and co-operation with our true Selves individually, and in community.

4 What will we do for you?

Nothing! It's a matter of what we choose to do not by ourselves; but with our true selves. See "Experiencing the Heart of Community" for more details.

5 What do we need you to do?

Based upon the material within this site and acting as Community; decide which comes first – The Will of God, or the will of humanity – and then to act upon our individual and collective imperative. Amen.

6 What makes us all unique, including The Wind of Change?

The fact that we do not compete - rather we trust in our true Selves.

The sections of this website
as a progression in community development:

  • Current issues: Government or Governance in the Iona Community, and thence throughout Scotland. What's the difference? Let the people decide.
  • The Bride: The resurrection of The Church Spiritual in Scotia in these times.
  • A manifesto: A green paper entitled "Sustainable Development or Sustainable Life? — Let The Child Speak!"
  • Experiencing the heart of community: How we can build Common Unity within ourselves as individuals with our Creator the Christ; and thus work with the Spirit of Community not to change the world — but to have the world change us. Amen.
  • Let the people speak: Your opportunity to contribute to a democratic discussion arising from the material on this Web site.The buck starts with us all as individuals.
  • The Common Unity of One: This section speaks for itself.

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