Learning as a Community

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1) The Wind of Change

2) About the Wind of Change

3) How does the Wind of Change blow?

4) Experiences of the Spirit of Community:

Every Organisation is a Community -
Nurture it, and you will grow with it.

Wisdom: Experience acquired by "Self" Study


To enable "directors" to direct as distinct from manage a function, based upon their shared wisdom as a team of non-specialists. Thus take responsibility for their own learning such that:-

  1. All individuals in the organisation have the same opportunity ie to learn.
  2. The organisation anticipates future external developments and enables all staff accordingly.
  3. Individual and company performance is optimised taking account of all internal and external stakeholders.


Learning Organisations seek to create a dynamic culture and structure, based upon a paradgim shift from power and control to trust and cooperation. They are also unique in each case. Consequently they are not easy to define. The following broad description is useful however:-

"The near future may well see accountants placing a Leaning Organisation audit on the balance sheet as it is the only means of surviving and prospering in an age when predictability horizons become ever shorter.

The concept is not "flavour of the month", as it underpins all other concepts such as TQM or Excellence. The organisation is regarded as part of the community at large. The concept can be readily integrated with systems theory in which suppliers, customers and potential competitors are seen as part of the same system. Many opportunities thus present themselves.


Organisational "self knowledge" is examined in the context of learning enhancers and inhibitors at director level. The event is a primer for an Action Learning Programme on the job having the objective of cascading the lessons learned, as appropriate, throughout the entire organisation. This process involves directors, managers, and staff in sharing the experience of learning to learn. Thus a top-down and bottom-up system is established providing feedback at all levels. Only in this way is it possible for the heart of the organisation to survive and grow as a community first, and business second. Such is the necessary paradigm shift for the new millenium.

Where Are We Now? L.O. Concepts and Self Audit
A Working Approach: L.O. Building Blocks
All Hands To The Pump: Devising An Implementation Plan
Give Us The Tools: Empowering Management
Can You See Me? Visioning Working Relationships

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