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So what's new? Nothing under The Son — but what about the Moon? In our society the left brain representing the intellect and ego has expanded to the size of a hot air balloon. The right brain representing intuition has shrunk to the size of a pea. What do you think — or do you feel instead? Perhaps we will each decide after we have read this Covenant Manifesto. Please see Current Issue No.12 section No.6 on this website for more details regarding The 21st Century Scottish Covenant.. Thank you.

                                                                           In Jesus Name --

Sustainable Development — or Sustainable Life?

Let the Child Speak!

Summary of Main Text

  • Resolving the global conservation issue must employ a higher level and order of thinking than that which caused the problem in the first instance.
  • Fifty years to global climatic meltdown
  • Sustainable development versus sustainable change, which starts with people.
  • Profit motive still reigns supreme, "more of the same" thinking won't work.
  • Grants only treat symptoms, not the cause, which is people!
  • Human ecology is a Cosmic concept in which physical pollution is the result of Spiritual pollution.
  • Need to accept responsibility at local level.
  • The need to consult the ultimate customer, stakeholder, beneficiary, i.e. the child in the community which is a polluted system.
  • Strategic partnerships at local level between businesses responding to environmental needs; schools / universities; and Spiritual groups.
  • Business funds this creative synergy.
  • Harness the forgotten untapped natural resource - the creativity of the child.
  • Creativity only emerges when the community functions as an integrated whole.
  • The alternative? Is there one?
The Paradigm Change   --  From Head to Heart!

The child or young person as the universal; largest; and most fundamental Spiritual resource available to global business as a means to community regeneration.

A Young Person's Vision

A briefing sheet, as a first step in enabling young people to "Prepare their own Future" working alongside adults from business, schools, and Spiritual groups in the community.

Please refer to the text in red throughout the Manifesto for a quick summary. Keep scrollng until the screen locks. Thank you.

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Einstein said "no apparently insoluble problem can be resolved by the same order or level of thinking as that which created the problem." In terms of our relationship with the planet, the word "sustainability" usually refers to economic growth and the associated rate of resource consumption and waste assimilation. The motivation and focus , even of those in the environment business (a very revealing term) is still profit maximisation . This is just "more of the same" in terms of our thinking -- there is no sustainable change - Why? Because people haven't changed. Change starts on the inside. Meanwhile researchers not under the influence of global corporations advise us that we have fifty years remaining until global climatic meltdown . See "The Ecologist" Volume 29, No2 Spring 99 . This special issue is given over entirely to the climate crisis and associated global politics. Einstein also asked whether the universe is a frieldly place? To be safe or dangerous is one thing, whereas friendship implies a Being!

A paradigm shift is required from "development" and profit maximisation for all, to selective growth for some, realignment for others, and optimal profits for all with "respect" to the local community. Pollution of the environmental and human communities (the two are inseparable) cannot be resolved in any fundamental way with "more of the same" in terms of our way of thinking. Sustainability is "in my back yard only" ie the sustainability of my profit margin, whereas self sustenance embraces adjoining communities as part of the one system. Whilst the planet serves business, and not the other way around , nothing will ever change permanently. This is thinking with the head, and not the heart.

The heart of the matter is the matter of the Heart! The Heart of The Divine Feminine as Biblical Wisdom. Who, not which, is a different order of thinking all together. It could be said to be almost childlike, but it is not naive! Wisdom, as The Divine Feminine is not exclusive of The Father. As our theological paradigm changes The Holy Spirit will pour over all the earth ultimately as Cornucopia.

Much of the effort thus far has been grant funded whether European or local, or is often targeted only at initiatives which yield a financial return. In terms of short term outcome this is laudable but it is not an investment in sustainable change -- of people! There is no other type of sustainable change, so lets stop measuring our children's inheritance against "the green back" -- and finding it wanting!

What happens when the grants dry up and the initial potential for quick financial paybacks become more difficult? Are present measures even keeping pace with the rate of increase in pollution? We still think with our heads and not with our hearts. Most environmentally aware businesses act from a profit or survival motive and not from altruism, with conservation seen primarily as yet another business opportunity. How many "environment business" organisations are in it primarily for the sake of "Mother Earth"? (a temporal term). How naive ! No more so than going blindly on to an environmental Armageddon on the wave of "bloody" good profits and fat grants. It is going to take a little heartburn without the antacid of grants to stabilise our intake of resources. We, as a community, the business community included, need to accept responsibility for sacrificing the earth , and it quite rightly requires a sacrifice from us. Only thus will the balance be permanently redressed. Accepting grants is not accepting responsibility.

We have lost faith in ourselves as a race and as custodians of the planet. We hide behind the false security of sustainable profits. Sustainable change on the other hand, starts in the heart of individuals, not necessarily "directors", as part of the polluted local community system in which all stakeholders have a voice. Most importantly the ultimate customer; the child or young pjerson -- the ultimate beneficiary (?)

Total Quality initiatives pride themselves in establishing the customer's needs and even involving the customer in the product specification etc. Yet when it comes to the ultimate product (survival) and the ultimate customer (our own children) we go grab our money bags and say "it's my ball (planet) and you're not playing! How naive can we get? The forgotten untapped resource, the emergent characteristic is the creativity of the child in determining its own future. e.g. Craigmillar Project+ in Edinburgh. Only thus can we invest in and capitalise upon the limitless synergy of the heart / head strategic partnership. Sustainable change has to start in our back yard. Why? Quite simply because its the right thing to do, it doesn't matter who else is or is not doing something, the buck stops with us all as individuals. One small step of a child can be more productive than that of an adult as it is made in trust, and hence helps us to regain faith in ourselves as a race. If we genuinely want to change the planet we have to change ourselves first however childish it may feel. Until the pin striped business gent bends down to pick up his own (and his neighbours) litter in the street, there is little hope for the planet, is there?

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So how do we introduce the new paradigm of Sustainable Change?

Involve the forgotten ultimate customer — the child or young person!

Local communities are systems in which the child (even within the hard nosed business man/woman) is the ultimate customer, and his or her literal children the ultimate beneficiaries.

Pollution of the physical is the result of pollution of the Spiritual. Until that is addressed, no sustainable change will ever occur. The child needs a voice in the local and global community it will ultimately inherit. This will come about as business gives recognition to the ultimate customers by involving them in business decisions through strategic partnerships with schools and Spiritual groups, thus creating a model business environment within the community (common-unity).

Past initiatives between schools and industry, sponsored by organisations such as Understanding British Industry (UBI), didn't involve the pupils as they were for example in the design in 1997of an "ideal" Edinburgh+. Some local authorities have already established schools/business partnerships. In Sweden there is a project named School 2000 based upon Systems Thinking and Chaos Theory (see notes) which could be expanded into the broader community. This initiative capitalises upon the creativity of staff and pupils as each others customers, giving considerable autonomy to the child in the determination of her or his own learning. It also admits that the child knows best what its own learning requirements are and how through dialogue, these should be met. This includes older pupils helping younger pupils to learn. But in so doing older pupils learn how to teach, thus the pupil teaches the teacher. Consider the analogy between company directors and teenage stakeholders in the local community. Synergy may well result in pupils creating their own future jobs and careers Business could subsidise such initiatives (there's the rub). Whats the payback? Thats up to us to create, the sky's the limit, make of it what we will. What's the alternative? Is there one?

22/08/2011. Important: Please see "Notes / Postscript" below.

The human species is unique as a "thinker" capable of contemplating its origin and destiny. Consequently, human ecology is concerned with the Cosmic relationship between man and planet Earth. The issue of pollution / conservation is therefore first and foremost a Spiritual one. The will to sustain change must therefore be Spiritual in the first instance and secular second. This is the difference between the environment business , and the business environment! The third element therefore in this "Trinity of the Community" are local spiritual groups. Not necessarily institutional churches, who may also have members in the other two elements. When all three groups work together the Spiritual element will be addressed in a practical manner without which sustainable change is impossible. Such is the very nature of systems functioning, and polluted communities are systems with all manner of stakeholders.

As such groups progressively form strategic partnerships, the creativity of the heart of the child will enlighten the community as to its products, processes, and procedures such that the heart of the community is sustained by the community accepting responsibility for itself.

Remember Einstein: to resolve the issue a higher order of thinking is essential to that which caused the apparently insoluble problem in the first place. It is the adult , secular, male intellect that has got us where we are today. Do we really need/want more of the same? Whats the alternative? Well, we could all go to the nearest star and do the same thing all over again. Or, a little nearer home we could develop such communities based upon Systems Thinking which will act as patterns for other Scottish communities, thus becoming definitive Learning Organisations within the Scottish Nation. The key "ingredient" is emergent creativity which only manifests when the system, that is the community, accepts responsibility and functions as an integrated whole.

In terms of change, we have entered not just a new millennium which is a secular concept, but a new Spiritual Epoch. This statement does not refer to the symbols of the Zodiac.Please scroll down to the red lettering at the end of this web page. We can therefore expect many changes to come more quickly than we anticipated. For the "Environment Business" to become the model "Business Environment" it must implement sustainable change through the Gift of The Holy Spirit alone!

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Notes / Postscript

+ In the Eco-city Project (1997) in Edinburgh, Scotland forty school children from several Eupopean countries worked with architects, engineering contractors, and teachers to design a huge scale model of their ideal ecological city. The professionals were amazed at the results. This led to the ongoing Children's Parliament throughout Scotland.


* Cost internalisation: (See paradigm shift on following page.) Accepting some of the costs which would otherwise be borne by the wider community. eg forest regeneration costs and/or unemployment resulting from de-forestation. Should these be borne by business alone; the end user alone; or partly by both? Who should make this decision?

A System is an entity which maintains its existence and functions as a whole through the interaction of its parts. Systems Thinking therefore focuses upon the integrated nature of action and reaction for good or ill between individuals within a system; and between systems . It is concerned with causes as distinct from effects (symptoms). In the context of this paper the objective for the individual is to serve the community and thus themselves, whilst the objective for the community is to serve the planet.

Chaos Theory: One description of Chaos Theory suggests that the flutter of a butterfly's wings may cause a hurricane on the opposite side of the world such is the complexity of global weather as a system. It maintains that there is an order at the centre of all (apparent) chaos, the objective of course being to discover the rule which when applied will result in order out of chaos.

The theory relates to the "twilight zone" between science and art or religion, as the ultimate system is the Cosmos. A more intuitive, and yet potentially more pragmatic "experience" of the theory is given below:

For want of a nail, the shoe was lost,
For want of a shoe, the horse was lost,
For want of a horse, the rider was lost,
For want of a rider, the battle was lost,
For want of battle, the Kingdom was lost!


The folklore quoted above exemplifies the chain of sequential and cumulative events that may cause chaotic outcomes in an orderly world. The Theory therefore studies such events to find the order in chaos. You may care to reflect upon global politics in this context!

Postscript 22/08/2011

Since the inception of The Scottish Children's Parliament the children have been schooled in the ideology of Gaia. This refers to the Greek Goddess of that name which has been ressurected in our times by the physicist James Lovelock. On the internet he states that "to the Greeks in Gaia's time theology and science were one. Science though more simple, had soul. It is this soul which is emerging again today". He describes earth as a mechanism with homeostatic properties. This is a denial of The Kingdom of God and thus Creation.Therefore it is Spiritually anethama to our forthcoming independent Nation State of Scotland.

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The Paradigm Change -- From Head to Heart!

The child or young person as the universal, largest and most fundamental Spiritual resource available to global business —

She or he is also almost completely marginalised as an stakeholder in the community which inherits the outworking of the patriarchal mindset regarding the environment. The adult assumes that the child has nothing to contribute to the sustainability issue because she or he has no intellectual knowledge or experience of the adult world, and of business in particular. The child however not has; but is, Spiritual Wisdom and intuition as a symbol and vessel of the Cosmic Christ.

The whole concept of sustainable development requires to be placed within the broader perspective of global survival. Any other approach is naive or arrogant, or both! Many global businesses of which even the more enlightened nationals and multi-nationals are a part do not accept this hypothesis because of vested interests and shareholder responsibilities. Sufficient effective action has to be taken however within about twenty years to avert global climatic meltdown in fifty years time. This will require an act of reparation on the part of global business towards The Biblical Divine Feminine as Wisdom, and not merely a reduction of the rate of global rape, which is based upon the same fear and competitiveness which cause wars local or global. Until such acts are based upon community altruism no substantive change will have taken place. Every one of us as a customer is required to be part of such reparation. The concept of sustainable development cannot be exclusive of the customer and therefore the customer has to participate and be involved in sustainability decisions.

Initiatives such as "To the Heart of Sustainability" launched by The Centre for Human Ecology in Edinburgh in 1999 are necessary and laudable if business is to be orientated towards sustainability as a first step in community regeneration -- and thus global survival. It is one thing however to build foundations with the intellect, and another to build the walls with the heart! The motivators for such initiatives are still largely individual or cognate group business survival and competitiveness to meet the demands of shareholders. This is not business "common-unity" or an act of reparation towards the ultimate provider of the factors of all production -- The Divine Feminine. It is sustainability, yes, but primarily of "my" profit margin; directors personal credibility; and dividend levels. Until values change, nothing has really changed at all -- the God is still Mammon, it is still taking, and little giving.

Until levels of proposed cost internalisation* are such that shareholders permission is required, no act of reparation to the community by the community local or global (same thing) has taken place. Business wades into tropical forests with a vengeance and throws crumbs at internalising costs. It capitalises upon third world business opportunities, terminator genes included, whilst Western governments attempt to control industrial revolutions in such countries as ecologically undesirable. Until and unless the entire community participates and is involved in the outcome of decisions such as cost internalisation no reparation will be made because the intellect doesn't function in the Spiritual domain. This "common-unity" must include shareholders and stakeholders / inheritors ie children and young people. Only children are innately Spiritually minded, and unrestricted by illusionary intellectual boundaries in their creative thinking. They intuitively love their neighbour including those in the other four Kingdoms, not to mention their counterparts living in Moscow whom their own parents would destroy with Trident missiles in the name of sustainability -- of precisely what? This is Human nature vainly attempting to save itself using its own arrogance to do so!

Thus UK politics, part funded by business sets the model for business to follow of fear, greed and competition. Take the European issue as the prime example of the inability of European business to achieve a common unity, far less global business. Systems Thinking is oft quoted in an academic approach to human ecology but is largely exclusive of the Kingdom of God. Thus the finite (mind) would seek to resolve an issue of the Infinite using the other side of the same coinage of thinking as causes the ecological crisis -- intellect and ego! In the meantime our young people look on mute, and dis-enfranchised. Thus it is not possible for the complete (Cosmic) system to "think" and so the "emergent" Spiritual creativity of the child in terms of systems thinking cannot arise.

"Bairns Not Bombs" a Tribute to Angie Zelter April 2015 (Refer to Angie's name in Wikipedia on line)

What then are the medium term prospects for sustainable development initiatives launched in a global political environment which in the UK alone now has more, not less, Trident warheads pointing at Moscow than during the Cold War? What human intellect, individual or collective is going to stop the world's military in its tracks and thus put millions out of work? What then of sustainability as far as the unemployed are concerned? Who then would buy the products of this sustainable development? And if the military is not stopped sooner or later the button will be pressed, such is the fallibility of human nature. This is not doomsday thinking , it is pragmatism and accepts the certainty of Divine intervention. If a (relatively) sane country like the UK increases the number of it's Trident warheads after the Cold War what does that say for the less stable nations? The concept of nuclear deterrence is now accepted as an illusion, but the system still remains "locked on". How do we police, plead for, demand, influence global contraction in the use and manufacture of weapons all in twenty years on our track record to date? Divine intervention is so radical that it begs the re-defintion of "radical" ecology, and questions the depth of "deep" ecology. Einstein speaking as a physicist considered the definitive question to be "Is the universe a friendly place?". Matter can be safe or dangerous, but to be friendly implies a living Being.

What or who then is the missing link which bridges these related imponderables of sustainable development and sustainable Life? Who is this living Being? — The child or young person! Only the Cosmic Child (Christ) within us all will lay down its arms, then help its neighbours. Until this happens on a large scale nothing has really changed at all, and it will never happen as long as the intellect holds sway. Robert Owen was a self styled millennniumist two hundred years before the callander event. Only Divine intervention will realise his dream. All is therefore based upon faith; actively calling upon The Divine Being, otherwise it is still the intellect no matter how well intentioned or technically brilliant. Owen appears to have trusted mostly in the intellect.

How can the Child's Vision become Reality?

Through an educational initiative which brings together in the "classroom" of common-unity children / young people; industrialists; and business people (women and men) where they may learn from each other. In many instances this will mean the child inside the adult actively listening to, and being taught by the (apparently) physical child. This will be based on local, national, and inter-national community.

Thus and only thus will learning opportunities be limitless , and sustainable development , that is development of the human Spirit, and hence species come about, embracing sustainable business development as a means to a beginning not and end in itself! We speak of the new millennium in secular terms giving little thought to the prospect of it also being the "new age" of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. The focal point of all human history was / is the birth and death of Jesus The Christ. The coming of Biblical Divine Wisdom* to humanity as so choose, having been first chosen -- is the changeling of this millennium.

*  Please see: Proverbs 4 and 8 / Ecclesiastes  / The Song of Songs / Revelation 12.

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Let the Children Speak — A Young Person's Vision

Preparing The Future!

The problem

Albert Einstein, one of the world's great scientists, said; "some problems which seem to be impossible to solve cannot be resolved by the same type of thinking as that which caused the problem in the first place".

At this moment we are all living dangerously with an apparently insoluble problem. Our world is in serious trouble. Many researchers throughout the world agree that pollution and destruction of our natural world including forests and animal species is now at such a level that it threatens the long-term survival of our planet. For example, a business adviser concerned with the environment said recently that he reckoned our planet has "about 50 years left" unless we change the way we think and act. This seems incredible, but many people are beginning to share this view. The two pages you are now reading are all about giving you a chance to think, act, and be heard by adults such as your teachers, business men and experts who are willing to hear your ideas and to work with you to make them happen; - it's about nothing less than saving our planet!

If you listen to our political, business and educational leaders you might believe that the answer is just to work harder to improve the economy. The talk in Britain rarely moves away from this theme. Businesses are told to be "more efficient". Schools and school pupils are told that they have to raise achievement, which usually means improving the number of passes in examinations. In other words, the future of our planet is thought to depend on economics; better business, harder work, and better examination results.

Unfortunately things are not so simple. Of course economics (the use of limited resources, such as labour, land, and money) matters, but economic policies in Britain in the last 20 years have been all about selfishness, about how much I can get for myself; about who gets richer and who gets poorer; about winners and losers! The result is that even though our economy has prospered, and though overall examination results have actually improved, our planet is being destroyed at a faster rate than ever!

The Solution

So we now face one of Einstein's "insoluble problems". But remember what Einstein said. He stated that we need a different type or "level" of thinking to solve the problem. If our politicians, business people, and educational leaders cannot see this, who can? This is where you, the young person, come in. Many of us believe that this complex life we live has a Spiritual (of the heart, how we feel inside) as well as an economic side to it, and that Spirituality has mostly become lost from sight. It is not always easy to experience Spirituality, or to understand what it means. However, just think for a moment. You must know that there is more to life than making money, and much more to learning how to live and love than passing examinations. There is not even a very close relationship between passing examinations and "doing well" - whatever that means - in later life! Life is about love, joy, happiness, sadness, and comforting others. A complex experience in which we are all related one to the other. Each of us ideally should have choices through which we can each make a difference to life on our planet of which we are all a part. Some adults believe that we shall only succeed in saving the future for you, our children, if we accept and believe that every one of us - politicians, business people, teachers and young people - must solve problems by working together and learning from each other. This means that we must change ourselves, our attitudes, and our beliefs. We must recognise that we are all part of one another, we are all part of the global community.

How can we change?

Every single one of us is unique, talented, multi-skilled, and never to be repeated as an individual person. So we are all special, with different ideas and ways of looking at things. Adults should believe that their children are their future, and that you, as young people, can make a difference! Sadly, adults seldom involve young people meaningfully in talking about the future, and seldom listen to what you feel and what you think. As adults we create the rules. We decide when you should have lunch, whether you should wear uniforms, what qualifications you need for a career, and what courses you need to follow at school. But if we are all unique, it is almost certain that by telling you what to do we miss the opportunity to listen to you, and learn from you.

However, not all schools are like this. There is an unusual school in Sweden where the teachers listen to the pupils. The head teacher in this school says: "We do not know what the future will be when our children are growing up in the world. Because of this we cannot base their upbringing on the knowledge we have around us today. We have to give them possibilities to manage a world we cannot predict: possibilities to do all right in unforeseeable circumstances. Knowledge and information are always built upon "today and yesterday". It will be good enough tomorrow only if everything stays the same, which it never does. Even as individuals we all change each day of our lives. Because of this, adults have to give children and young people a different type of school, a school which encourages the creation of possibilities, and teach children how to use these possibilities in their own lives, and in the community of which they are a part."

One of our most famous business writers, Charles Handy, tells the story of a traveller in the hill country who came to a village only to find his road forward blocked by a mountain. So he sat and waited for the mountain to move. Years later he was still there, old now and white-haired, still waiting. Then he died, but he was remembered in the village as a proverb, "The man who waited for the mountains to move." The point of this story is that God doesn't move mountains, nor does He cause any of life's "Big Issues". We climb mountains with God's help! Don't therefore look for Him, or someone working on His behalf "outside" yourself. Look for Him inside, inside you, and using His eyes find new bits of yourself which you never even knew were there! Scary, yes -- but exciting, and you have friends all around to help you!

So, change starts with you! Did you ever think of this possibility? No, well now you know! Human beings are a unique species as a "thinker". We are able to think about how and why humans (and the planet we all depend upon) came into being, and where we are all heading as a race. Some of us may even see ourselves as "children" of Sophia referring to Biblical Wisdom. The issue of how we live with planet earth is therefore, first and foremost, a Spiritual one. That is not just about "nuts and bolts" and scientific formulas; it concerns how we feel in our hearts and what we do about how we feel. If you are willing to work with others from business, the churches/Spiritual groups, political parties, your own and other schools, to "Prepare the Future" together, literally anything is possible. Remember Einstein. To survive and prosper we need a different type and level of thinking. You can't imagine what that may be or what it may feel like? Me too! Let's find out together. You, the young person can bring this new thinking to the "child" who lives within all adults. You can teach us for a change! - A Big Change!

Let's talk about these possibilities more face to face - how does that sound?


The graphics below symbolise the outpouring of The Holy Spirit over the entire planet as the Cornucopia in our times of The Christed Soul as the Gift of Jesus as Cosmic Christ. Amen.

They do not represent what is popularly understood as (the age of ) Aquarius.


Hebrews 1. 1- 4      New International Version (NIV)

"At various times in the past and in various ways God spoke to our ancestors through the prophets; but in our own time; the last days, God has spoken to us through the child."




"This child God has appointed to inherit everything and through whom God made everything there is ... The child is the radiant light of God's glory and the perfect copy of the Divine nature, sustaining the universe by his powerful command - who has gone to take his place in the heavens at the right hand of Divine majesty".

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