The Need of The People Today

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Choose You this Day Whom You Will Serve!


The need in the seventh century was to be told of The Lord. Now in these apostate times the final invitation is given to return to The Lord, and thus to go forward -- to the past. To the ultimate resurrection of Eve and Adam as Stewards of Creation. Having found God, is to have found the role and hence The Destiny of Humanity upon earth. Christ's crucifixion took place on earth -- so did the Resurrection! The latter was / is Spiritual, then physical. Amen. The "Current Issues" appearing on this website Witness to this present day need. Amen.


The need therefore is one of reconciliation. Firstly between man and God and then between man and the other three Kingdoms of earth. The attempts throughout history by man to be self reconciled were, and will always be to no effect. Globally, man has attempted to exclude women and children form their God given role alongside men as stewards of Nature of Whom we are all part. The Lord does not negotiate, nor can She / He change the nature of Self as Being to accommodate the fallen ego of humanity. There is need for the manifestation of Biblical Wisdom as Sophia.


The transcepts of The Cross of   Jesus Christ are central to the dilemma of reconciliation. As long as the focus is on the horizontal, that is human being to human being - political or religious (is there a difference?) collective or individual, attempts at global reconciliation are in vain. One reason for this is that the politics of religion have now become the religion of politics, which is to say that the state rules the church temporal globally and that powers and principalities have dominion over the state mechanism. Thus we in Britain have the prospect of membership of Federal Europe as one such global power and principality which have as their objective world government mediated through human beings. By definition this is directly opposed to The Kingdom of God upon earth. Amen.


The times therefore require individuals who are reconciled to The Lord, and who are therefore enabled by The Lord's Gift of Grace alone to stand upon The Holy Ground at the centre of The Cross - the meeting place of God and humanity - not "man". This is to weigh humanity in the balance of God's Love and having been found wanting to invite humanity to choose Whom we will serve, as individuals, communities, nations, and as a global species. Only thus can humanity not only be saved from self destruction, but resurrected as a Spiritually changed Species - Homo Spiritus.




The term "reconciled to God" is of the Soul and is expressed AS the consciousness of Spirit. This statement may have little or no meaning to the intellect. In this context, the word "consciousness" does not refer to "awareness", rather it relates to the discernment of identity from which (Whom) consciousness emanates. It follows that such consciousness may start with the medieval "Jesus Prayer" and then Realises (to make Real) its Self in the following Muse entitled "Humanity" insofar as words attempt to describe the Ineffible. Amen.

                                  The Jesus Prayer                                                     Humanity

                                Lord Jesus Christ                                                     To Be, or not to Be

                                  Son of God                                                             Herein the answer lies --

                                 Have Mercy upon me                                             The question is -- which?

                                  A sinner.                                                                You choose, but in choosing --

                                                               Amen                                       Think of Being --

                                                                                                                Not just human being.





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