Forming Strategic Partnerships

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To investigate the potential for synergy in the formation of partnerships between organisations which presently do business together. Also suitable for those interested in forming such partnerships.


The motivation for partnerships may be pragmatic, the desire for more fulfilling work, or simply for the enjoyment of the dynamic experience.

This event is a natural progression from Learning Organisations and Corporate Visioning. It seeks to expand the business community horizon for the prospective partnership. An equally important aim is the optimisation of profits and maximisation of corporate and individual learning.

Traditional mergers are based upon the need for security and power, which is self-defeating: eg 1960's conglomerates. In contrast, strategic partnerships can be temporary, and are concerned with the identification of untapped resources which may even create a new market or product for the partnership. They can be established between suppliers, producers, or customers, and may even involve otherwise potential competitors. The culture is built as the partnership grows, and is based upon shared values and similar vision.


Prior to the event, the corporate team within each organisation complete a questionnaire to establish their readiness for partnership. Ideally, they will also have exchanged vision statements and found them to be broadly compatible. The technical opportunities for partnership are explored in general terms, to be further investigated at a later date. The event itself gives an indication of the potential for the human resource element of the partnership.

The partnership situation lends itself to further development by both organisations working together using an Action Centred Learning approach involving both businesses.

This approach may also be used to implement the finer details of how the partnership will work "on the job", by considering such questions as resources, costs, flexibility, expanded markets etc.

"I didn't know what it was all about. All I wanted to know was how to live in it"

From "The Sun Also Rises" by Ernest Hemingway

Content (excluding pre-work):
   Partnership Readiness: "May I have the Pleasure"
Sharing The Vision: Tripping The Light Fantastic
Vision Into Value: Learning Some New Steps
How To Involve The Team: Stepping Out

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