The Resurrection of The Pictish Church Spiritual in Prsent Day Alba

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The Gathering of The Chlan .



The photograph on the first (menu) page of this section of The Wind of Change website introduces "The Bride" as a physical church building. As we know, the church temporal is not the physical building. Similarly, a human being is not only the flesh body. The church temporal is perceived to be the individual and collective physical congregations. This perspective may be held in relation to any one religion or amongst all religions collectively. The church temporal is returning unto the Earth from Whom (not which) it arose. The stump will  regrow mingled with the Blood of Christ. As Spirit, it will not be an "it". Therefore it will receive little recognition until the stump is no more.


Religions are largely of "man" to the effective exclusion of women as clergy. Jesus The Christ did not teach Christianity as perceived by the present day church temporal. He taught* The Way; not of -- but AS Spirit, Who is of Him and Her Self. Amen. That is to say, the one global Faith as distinct from religion. ( cf. item 7a on "The Bride" homepage menu). Religion, meaning "a turning back or returning" is for the most part a belief associated with a commitment based upon the God given Gift of faith. Amen. The range of experience between individuals within any one religion should stimulate a Spiritual dialogue within the congregation and between clergy and laity. The latter is almost totally absent.


The   commitment required of (not by) The Way is unto death. Not necessarily physical death, but death of the false self perceived by the ego and mediated through the five senses in the illusion of time and space. This is to describe the Biblical fall. Therefore death upon The Way Realises Life as Spirit Who is Unity. The Way is not therefore a case of "me" and God, but The Christ within manifest as (the) Spirit of Cosmos. Science today confirms that we, the flesh, come from "out there" in the context of the big bang and the resulting manifestation of the physical body from the molecules of planet earth. Spirit is however separate from matter in it's identity and thus in it's consciousness whilst being associated with matter in the human Kingdom upon Earth. Spirit is not confined to or restrained by the flesh irrespective of whether the immortal Soul is incarnated or not.


The Church Spiritual is the resurrected Life of the Soul, that is Paradise regained and is independent of the physical being; that is independent of simultaneous physical life or death. The hereafter or Heaven is not a not a place or time, neither is it an "it". It is the state of Being (as) Spirit as distinct from the human perception and consciousness of being a human --being. Western clergy speak of saints and the communion of saints. Some even ordain saints! The implication being - it takes one to know one. Posthumous canonisation associates sainthood with the temporal and may therefore allude to "good works". This is in error.


As the name implies, The Church Spiritual is not of earth although its members may be incarnate. It is the anathema of spiritualism; as individualism is anathema to the God given Gift of the individuality of the Soul. The former is of the ego, the latter is the ultimate expression of (the) Soul. Amen.


The times are now such globally that The Bride collectively and as individual human beings is to be identified and prepared for The Second Coming of The Christ as Groom. The Church Spiritual has always under-girded the church temporal since Jesus time on earth. Paul's epistles to the churches temporal will be re-written by the actions of The Church Spiritual. This as part of the Spiritual dynamic required to continue the Spiritual development of homo sapiens to Homo Spiritus.


The Way as taught* by Jesus righteously demands crucifixion of the self which is a Christ initiated experience of the Soul, enabled by The Gift of Grace of The Christ alone. Amen . No human being stands before The Christ in such a Witness and doubts the suffering; rigour;   discipline and Blessing therein and thereas. Amen. The Way is not a meritocracy, nor can it be taught or learned; neither can it be earned by human endeavour.


What, or is it Who is The Way? That is revealed by Truth when the Soul is not only ready to listen but to hear the first sentence of   Psalm 46.10 of which the second sentence is the outworking. It is choosing, having been chosen before Creation. Amen. There are no words which encompass or embrace Hieros Gamos, the Mystical Marriage. Other than those which would be perceived by the intellect as heresy rather than being discerned by the Soul to be Truth.


Therefore there is no need to speak further. Amen.


* Spirit cannot teach itself.  Firstly "it" is not an it. Secondly as Unity, whilst it discerns "other" it cannot give cognisance to "other". Nor is death of the ego a "process" it is an "at-one-ment" best symbolised by the temporal process of osmosis in which the other is absorbed into the one by virtue of a (chemical) tension between the two. For chemical read Spiritual.

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