Scenario Painting

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1) The Wind of Change

2) About the Wind of Change

3) How does the Wind of Change blow?

4) Experiences of the Spirit of Community:

For a Change - Put Your Real Self in the Picture

Systems think, whilst chaos rules!



To enable the organisation to create its own future and dynamic market within the community. To identify and make the necessary decisions to bring this about.

This event builds upon the concepts of Learning Organisations and acts as a primer to the formation of strategic partnerships.


Scenario Painting unlike scenario planning is not concerned with the consideration of a number of possible futures and their associated markets. Rather, it is painting a picture of our own future as it will be. Neither is this prediction. It is having the gift of sufficient faith in our True Selves individually and corporatel to create our collective future. It is based upon sharing our corporate experiences with our present and future customers; suppliers; apparent competitors and stakeholders of whom stockholders are a subset. Thus the experience models the final outcome - collective responsibility for and stewardship of the planet. This creates high yielding and sustainable "future markets."The resultant strategy is therefore anticipatory and dynamic. The yield embraces the social and environmental systems

Good scenarios are both plausible and surprising. They have the power to break old stereotypes provided the "artists" work with their own painting and don't just admire it as an icon.

We are in a new millennium in which the predictability horizon comes ever closer, a new paradigm is required which frees business from power and control as motivators.

The ultimate supplier is the planet, and the ultimate customers are our own children. Never mind anyone else, what sort of picture are we painting for them? Whatever it is, it will hang on their wall!


Corporate articipants carry out their own research before the event without being confined to their own discipline. This information is then shared with the other sectors of the community mentioned above. These scenarios are merged (at-one-ed) into a community scenario which is then acted upon by all participants working within the individual sectors and the community. Replication of this experience results in sustainable common-unities; leading ultimately to civic nationhood.

Let The Brush Be The Artist

All stages in scenario painting are covered over a two-day period. These include identifying focal issues, key forces in the environment, and the "logic" of the scenario. Thereafter participants flesh out their own scenarios using the tools provided.

Content (excluding prior research):
The Stages of Scenario Painting: Selecting Your Palette
Theory And Practice: Getting the Perspective
Painting Your Picture: The Long View
Organisational Structure For S.P.:

Hanging The Picture

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