The Wind of Change

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1) The Wind of Change

2) About the Wind of Change

3) How does the Wind of Change blow?

4) Experiences of the Spirit of Community:

The Wind of Change

    As the Heart,
          I am an artist -
              I paint the future,
         On the canvas - --
     Of your mind!


Some say Why ? - in doubt;
I dream of what never was, and say, Why Not!
Is your organisation heartless?

This page represents an opportunity for you and your organisation to portray your "presence" as your future.

So what's the deal? To move away from the need for restrictive deals in advance; away from individual power and control; towards trust and co-operation with your true Self - That's the best deal of ALL!

What price do you place on your organisation's heart and soul of which you as an individual, are an integral part?

Let the Artist change the dream -
- into OUR Reality

An Alternative Picture

Organisations are communities which are part of the community at large. Customers and suppliers are part of your picture, not pieces in a jigsaw to be squeezed around.

You are free from avoidable restriction, free therefore to be as your heart desires within an organisation based on fellowship.

Our purpose is service -
Even as producers!

We have to lose sight of the shore -
   before we can discover new oceans!

The Business Renaissance

Content and Process

  • Team Building/Development
  • Learning as a Community
  • Corporate Visioning
  • Business Scenario Painting
  • Strategic Partnerships

This list is a progression which will be taken as far as your organisation wills.

Experience the unique "hands off, Heart on" interaction. Feeling is believing!

Events designed for:-

  • Discrete work teams
  • Boards of Directors

There is no success or failure - Only OUTCOMES!


 Happiness! - This is a feeling in the heart of your organisation.

 Community - Individuals helping other individuals and businesses, thus helping themselves to grow.

 Sustainable growth on the INSIDE, and therefore, in business.

 Competition changes to fraternity, thus there is no over or under employment of individuals in the organisation.

 "Competitors" become potential partners in the provision of an integrated service to the community by negotiated product / market differentiation.

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